70 New Year – New Ideas…I’m shaking things up

70 New Year – New Ideas…I’m shaking things up

WOO HOO – Welcome to 2019!!

It is great to be back after the extended Christmas break and I have so much to share with you!!

I have been doing some reflection over the last few weeks (as we often do at this time of year) and I have decided to shake things up a bit with No Ordinary Woman so that I can bring you even more value.

For those of you that are familiar with my personal story, you will know that I have totally changed my life over the past two years. Two years ago, I felt lost; I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. I knew I was settling for less than I desired and I felt MISERABLE. On the surface my life looked perfect yet I could not get away from the niggling feeling that I was here to do more with my life.

So, I went through a period of deep reflection. I got clear about what my passion and true purpose was. I dealt with the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and worked on my mindset. I took greater care of my physical and emotional wellbeing and I started to use a daily spiritual practice of journaling, meditation and the law of attraction.

My life has completely changed in those two years.

  • I have established my business, No Ordinary Woman, so that I can support other women who felt like me to rise up and live in alignment with their true purpose
  • I have become an international best-selling co-author of She Is Unstoppable and shared my story globally
  • I have increased my income
  • I have fallen back in love with the corporate role that I continue to do to this day
  • I literally wake up feeling happy every, single day.
  • I live my dream life and it just keeps getting better and better

This is what I want for each of you.

So, these are the changes I am going to make so that I can bring more value to you.

Moving forward my content and programmes will now focus on the 3 key areas I used to transform my life:

Mindset – how to get control of your mindset

  • How to get control of your thoughts to achieve success
  • How to uncover your true purpose
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs

Emotions – how to focus on your wellbeing

  • How to master the use of essential oils to support your emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • How to focus on your own self-care
  • How to use your emotions to check you are aligned with your purpose

Soul – how to connect with your inner being

  • How to use the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams
  • How to create a daily ritual that supports your mind, body and soul
  • How to use meditation and other tools to remain connected to your purpose

Doing daily, focused work on my mindset, my emotions and my spiritual connection has enabled me to literally transform my life. That is why I want to share these tools and the lessons I have learned with YOU. I am literally going to help you shortcut the struggle by sharing what I know WORKS.

So how can you get your hands on this goodness?

Monthly newsletter

I will be sending out a newsletter at the beginning of each month. In it I will share with you:

  • A key message from me for that month
  • A section on mindset which will include a key question for you to focus and reflect on for the month ahead
  • An overview of an essential oil to support the focus for the month and how to use it. I will also give you the perfect diffuser blend for you to use too
  • A specific lesson on the law of attraction to help deepen your understanding and practice.

I will also be sharing news about the new programmes I will be launching this year and people on my email list will also receive promotional offers.

The first monthly newsletter will be sent at the beginning of February. If you want to get your hands on all this FREE content then you can subscribe HERE

JUST FOR YOU… here is a sneak peek of the two offers coming up in February

I can’t keep this one to myself! In February I am launching two programmes!! I often find that February is a great month to start to really focus on what you want once the excitement of Christmas and the New Year has started to fade and reality sets back in. So, here are the two programmes I will be running…

Life Magic – how to leverage the Law of Attraction and live a life you love

This will be a 4-week programme that introduces you to the basics of the Law of Attraction. In the 4 modules, I will cover:

  • What the Law of attraction is and how it can give you everything you want!
  • The 3 basic principles of the law of attraction
  • The key tools I use to tap into the law of attraction
  • Money and the Law of Attraction
  • What to do when it isn’t working
  • How your mindset and emotions impact your results

The modules will be delivered via live online workshops and you will have lifetime access to the video recordings afterwards.

You will also get a handout for each module with the key messages and tools.

There will also be a closed Facebook Group where you can ask questions and receive the support you need as you learn to play with the magic of the universe.

If this sounds like the perfect programme to get your 2019 off to a magical start, you can register your interest HERE and you will be the first to get the full details.

ELEVATE – Get clarity, take action, achieve results

The Elevate programme will be perfect for you if you are feeling frustrated and yet you know your life could be more fulfilling. In this 12-module programme I help you to:

  • Be honest about where you are now
  • Get super clear about what you want
  • Work on what is holding you back
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Set clear intentions for how you want your life to be
  • Take accountability for what you want
  • Establish success habits
  • Celebrate your successes

The ELEVATE programme is usually a self-directed programme however in February I am going to be supporting the programme with 3 GROUP masterclasses. The masterclasses will talk through the key models I use in the programme so you can deepen your understanding, ask questions and get coaching from me too! It is going to be a lot of FUN and will really help you accelerate your results.

You can register your interest HERE


As you can see, I have been busy. I can’t wait to share all of this with you!

Until next time

Be Extraordinary

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