67 – My secret to becoming unstoppable

67 – My secret to becoming unstoppable

Happy Friday!

Our book launch for She Is Unstoppable is literally weeks away now and the excitement is building!! I have been busy sharing snippets of my personal story on the social media pages today. I can’t wait to be able to share our book with the world!

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Today I have been musing a lot on the topic of being unstoppable. I was coaching one of my clients last night and she described me as a ‘rare bird’. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that however she went on to say that she has never met anyone who is as determined and focused on their goals as I am. She described my focus as ‘laser like’ and that once I make up my mind to do something I become unstoppable in its pursuit.

I have not really stopped and thought about the title of the book and what it really means. We describe the book as a collection of inspirational stories about women who have overcome challenges and got back on their feet despite set-backs. I have never really thought about what it is that has driven me to be seen as ’unstoppable’.

When I reflect on that, my instinct is to say that it is because of the daily practices that I have established that keep me focused and motivated. When I coach people, I base my philosophy on 3 things:


Your mindset determines the reality of how you perceive your life. If your mindset is that life is always against you and that you ‘never catch a break’ then this is what you will experience. If, however, your mindset is that you are in control of your destiny and that you can shape your life, this will be your experience.

I have really come to learn that having a mindset that is positive and open to new learning and experiences, has a significant impact on what you can achieve in life.


There have been various times in my life where I have not focused enough on my wellbeing. I have burnt the candle at both ends and I have literally burnt myself out. I have some to realise that emotional and physical wellbeing are as important as your mindset in achieving want you want from life.

I literally LOVE what I do. However, it does mean that I often work long hours and weekends. This is mainly because what I do doesn’t always feel like work and I enjoy it so much! However, this is not a recipe for success if I don’t also balance this with taking good care of my health and wellness.

I use essential oils daily to support me at a cellular level. I use them to enhance my mood if I am feeling low vibe or I use them to support any physical issues I might have such as headaches or muscle strains. I also use them to get the best night’s sleep possible as I have come to learn how important sleep is to how I function.

Over the last 3 months, I have also made sure that I take time to properly relax. I book to have a massage or a reiki session on the first Saturday of every month. This is something that is making a real difference to me. What makes it even more special is that Rob does the same thing! This has now become our Saturday for just chilling out together, eating gorgeous food and doing things we love. It is a habit that lifts my soul.

Soul work

This has been a game changer for me. I have a daily routine that enables me to raise my mood and my vibe and to keep me really connected to the higher vision that I have for my life.

Every morning, I write in my journal. It is the very first thing that I do. I love having this precious time with just my thoughts. If I have woken up and I’m feeling less than sparky, it enables me to focus on the positive aspects of my life and to shift in to a more positive energy. I have a few tools that I use in my journal. Some days, I write about what I am thinking, what I am grateful for and what I feel guided to do that day. On other days, I write about what I want my future to look like so it lifts me in to a higher way of thinking and feeling. Sometimes I do BOTH. I just focus on what is going to get me in the right mindset most quickly.

These 3 things have shifted my life enormously and I highly recommend them. I believe they are so vital to living a life you love that I now shape my coaching programmes around them.

I believe that the secret sauce to becoming unstoppable is:

  • Find your purpose and align to it. Do the things that light you up
  • Establish daily habits that work for you to support your mindset, your wellbeing and your soul
  • Surround yourself with the people who will support and encourage you on your path to being unstoppable.

Until next week

Be Unstoppable!

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