64 Tigers vs Sheep

64 Tigers vs Sheep

Ok, so you might think this is a very odd title for a blog post! Let me explain…

There are two reasons why I have chosen to write about tigers (and sheep) today.

Today, I was asked to take over the social media channels for the She Is Unstoppable book. I have never done this before and was honestly quite nervous about it. I was given advice to share details of quotes that resonate with me etc. and to find pictures that would fit with the branding of the book.

I have always felt a strong affinity with tigers (I will explain why at the end of this post) and so I knew I wanted to use an image of a tiger. Rob had created me a picture book for my birthday that was a collection of all of my blog post for the past year and in the back it had a quote…

“Tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”

This quote got me thinking. One of the things that I have come to recognise both personally in my change journey but also in the stories of the women I mentor, is that not everyone in your life will be happy to see you step in the direction of your dreams. In fact, when you decide to do something different with your life, you will find that everyone has an opinion about what you should do and how you should do it. Think about this…

Tigers are considered to be powerful, tough, dynamic, mighty, leaders.

Sheep are considered to be meek, quiet, gentle, part of a pack, followers.

When you consider this, it is no surprise that when you start to become more Tiger,  people around you will start to feel uncomfortable when they see you acting and behaving in a different way to them. When they see you become animated about your dreams and starting to move away from the herd, of course they are going to feel anxious and concerned for you.

It is often said that people react in this way because they are jealous and worried that you might suddenly become something that they are not. I am sure, in a small amount of cases, this might be true. I think the REAL reason this happens is more profound than that.

I think when people close to you start to see you step away from your comfort zone and step in to your brilliance, the overwhelming emotion they feel for you is fear. We all know how limiting fear can be!

Those closest to you want to protect you. They want to keep you safe. Being part of a herd means that you can all crowd around and feel safe together. BUT, that is not the way of the Tiger!

If you are going to step away, you need to keep really focused on WHY you want to be more, do more and have more.
YOU need to be the person who can lead the way and show others how to rise up.
YOU need to be fearless
YOU need to shine so that others can too.

I know, that it will feel painful when people cast doubt on your dreams. When this happens, it is critical to remind yourself that no-one else is on your journey but you. Don’t play small because it is more comfortable for others!

It is time to step in to your brilliance and for the sheep to hear you ROAR.

Until next week

Be extraordinary




Ps I said there were two reasons I was talking about Tigers. I lost my dad four years ago today. My Dad always called me Tiger. He saw the Tiger in me and gave me the freedom to roam. For that, I will always be grateful. Love you Dad xx

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