57 Are you living within your limits?

57 Are you living within your limits?

Hey everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing summer. It looks like the rain has returned to Cumbria BUT I am grateful that it means the grass is green again and I am certain the sun will be back soon.

Over the next few months as we head towards the end of 2018, I am going to be revisiting some of the key principles, tools and techniques I have previously shared to help us refocus on what living an extraordinary life looks, feels and smells like (yes, I’m in to essential oils so every moment is anchored to a smell)

This week I wanted to circle back to a book I reviewed some months ago by Gay Hendricks called The Big Leap. I loved this book and it has become one of the books that I recommend to my coaching clients because it has a few simple strategies that make a massive difference!

In the book, Hendricks refers to the Upper Limit Problem. He describes it as a thermostat for the amount of joy, love, laughter, happiness you are comfortable experiencing in your life. Yes, we DO in fact limit ourselves on all the good stuff which is just crazy, right?

He uses a few examples in his book on how he encountered the Upper Limit Problem (ULP) and some of them really resonated with me. The best way I can describe it is that moment when you realise you are self-sabotaging. There have been so many times in my life when I have thought to myself “wow, this is going really well’ only to find that in the next moment things start to take a downward turn.

There have been times when the project I have been working on has been going really well, I have been making great progress and been ahead of schedule. When I give myself the luxury to think about it and acknowledge that things are good I suddenly then find that I start procrastinating and staring to push deadlines and the momentum feels like it gets lost. I believe this is when I have hit my ULP and start to bring things down to a level that feels more comfortable (Ah the dreaded comfort zone!).

I am certain that I am not alone in this, in fact you only have to look at the world of celebrities to know that we all have an Upper Limit Problem. How many times to you see people at the height of their fame suddenly do something crazy that seems out of character and then suddenly they are heading back down to earth with a bump! It happens all the time. Look out for it!

So, the reason I am sharing this with you is so that you can identify when you are hitting up against your own upper limit problem and take action.

Think about times in your own life when things have been going well. Did you find yourself saying the following things…?

“I have more money than I thought I had, that can’t be right?”

“Things are going well, I must be due a fall.”

“People seem to really like me, I don’t know why?”

“My project is going so well. It will be really embarrassing when it goes wrong”

The great news is that you can change this so that you can experience new levels of joy, happiness, contentment, success etc. You just need to be aware of what your upper limit problems are and recognise the negative self-talk that accompanies it.

When you hear yourself worrying that things are going too well, there is a good change you are about to upper limit! What if you started to tell yourself a new story such as…

“I love the success, I have achieved so far and know that I have more in me”

“I am so happy right now and it feels great. How can I bring even more joy to my life”?

“I am so in love and I want to continue to focus on creating even more romance in my relationship”

This is a very different feeling to wondering when everything is about to crash and burn! Our mind believes what we tell it. If we feed it doom and gloom, that is what it will see. If we tell it that all is good and we can achieve and be so much more then guess what? Yes, your mind will look for evidence to support that notion too.

So, I encourage you to reflect on the different ways you encounter your upper limit problem and to instead decide to blow the lid off your internal thermostat and reach for the stars instead

Until next week

Be Extraordinary




Ps A great oil to support you as you bust through your upper limit problem is Motivate. It is the Encouraging Blend and is a combination of Peppermint, Clementine, Coriander and Melissa oil. It is perfect for building confidence and lifting spirits. You can read all about Motivate oil HERE. If you would love to speak to me about how to use essential oils then drop me a message and I would be so happy to help you!

This card is from Gabby Bernstein’s card deck – The Universe Has Your Back

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