37 – Wanna Play?

Hey everyone

Wow, January seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye and here we are already in February. This week has been beautiful with the full moon lighting up the sky and I have even noticed that the nights are beginning to get just that little bit lighter to remind us that Spring is just around the corner now. Perfect!

I have had a busy week connecting with lots of amazing women. On Saturday I hosted an essential oils masterclass at my home where I could share some beautiful oils with women who had an interest in understanding more about the emotional and physical benefits of using plant based oils. We had a beautiful few hours together talking about the oils and creating our own samples. We also had homemade cake and Prosecco which made the afternoon even better!

I also hosted the first ever session of the No Ordinary Woman book club where I got to chat to some incredible ladies about the key learnings they have taken from our first book which was The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Whilst we didn’t all agree about the style in which the book was written, we did all agree that there were some powerful messages in the book that really resonate with the principles I share about how to Elevate Your Life. If you have not read it yet, I can highly recommend it!

In today’s blog, I want to focus on just one of those key messages. In her book, Shonda describes a period in her life where she decided to say YES to the things that she had been afraid to do and to fully live her life. She embraced this concept wholeheartedly and suddenly found that her diary was full of engagements which meant she was spending more and more time way from her children. One night as she was about to leave for a social engagement, one of her daughters asked her “do you wanna play?”. As she stood there, all dressed up in her fancy dress and high heels, she realised that she really did ‘just wanna play’.

This made me think about how often we give ourselves time to ‘just play’ with our busy lives and all the demands on our time. I know that I have become guilty of working long hours, focusing on getting chores done, being all things to all people and forgetting about giving myself the time to just do the things that bring me to life and make my soul soar.

When I think about what ‘play’ means to me it comes down to a few simple things…

  • Going for a walk with Rob. We both love getting our walking boots on and going for a walk. We are so blessed to live in a beautiful part of the UK where you can easily walk along the sea, walk up a mountain or walk around a lake. When we were preparing to walk the Coast to Coast in 2016 we got up early every Saturday and went walking. I was horrified when I realised that in 2017 we didn’t climb a single mountain! Definitely time to change this one!
  • Speaking with my girlfriends. I have fallen in to a trap of keeping in touch with my friends via Facebook, text and instant message. How has this happened? My girlfriends have been with me through thick and thin and when I spend time with them I literally feel like my batteries have been re-charged! We all have busy lives with lots of competing priorities but even so, if I have time to text…I have time to phone.
  • The beauty of doing nothing. Things are really beginning to come together with my businesses and honestly, because I love what I do, it never really feels like work! That is both a blessing and a curse. I work lots of hours at the moment and it means that I rarely have a moment that is not accounted for as I am either writing, coaching, supporting my corporate client or building my businesses. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on the buzz of being busy and having an impact by sharing my tools to empower others BUT it does not leave much space for play. I can’t think of a time recently where I could embrace having nothing to do.

Definitely room for improvement!

As I reflect on this, it has made me realise that whilst I love what I do and I am energised by it, the balance is not quite right. If anyone were to ask me “do you wanna play?”, I would struggle to fit it in right now. That is not good enough and certainly not what I advocate to the people I support through No Ordinary Woman!

It is time for a reality check for me. Yes, it is great to have intentions and to pursue them but not to the detriment of your sanity and wellbeing.

So, here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you have the balance right…

What does PLAY look like for you?

If someone said “WANNA PLAY?”, what would your response be?

How can you build more ‘PLAY’ time in to February?

There is that old proverb “all work and no play makes Joanna a dull girl” (I adapted it a bit to make a point!)

Well, who wants to be DULL? I don’t!

So, to practice what I preach, here are my PLAY commitments for February:

I’m going to the theatre with my friend Jane tomorrow. I have not seen her in 6 months which is horrendous so tomorrow we PLAY

Catch up with my friend Amanda by phone. She has exciting projects on the go and I want to catch up on her news. No more texting, it is all about the chatting

Next weekend, I am going away for a romantic break with Rob. We will be taking our walking boots and getting back out in to the countryside.

Beautiful moments and beautiful memories being created. And lots of PLAY!!

Until next week






p.s. If you are interest in receiving a sample of one of the essential oils I use and seeing how they can support you, then please get in touch. I would be happy to support you. You can contact me HERE for more information.

p.p.s I have launched a new Facebook Page NOW Alchemy where I share information about the oils I use and tips on how to get the most from them. Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE!


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