72 Bringing the ‘woo’ to what I do

Hey lovely! March is already here and this week I have walked outside in the gorgeous Spring sunshine and felt the warmth on my face. I have seen blossom suddenly come alive on trees, the birds are singing more AND the evenings are getting lighter. These things make my soul come alive. I can literally feel joy running through my … Read More

66 – Mastering your emotions

Hi lovely! How has your week been? Are you feeling excited, relaxed, happy, peaceful OR are you feeling tired, emotionally drained, miserable and emotionally wrung out? Over the past 18 months or so I have come to realise that our emotions have a dramatic impact on how we experience life. If you tend to be positive and upbeat then your … Read More

13 – I AM…fill in the blank

Hey ladies, I hope you have had an extraordinary week. It has been so wonderful this week seeing so many students receiving great A level results and achieving their dreams of going to university. Congratulations to them all. Last Saturday Rob and I were lucky enough to go and see Derren Brown on his current UK tour. I have always … Read More