72 Bringing the ‘woo’ to what I do

Hey lovely! March is already here and this week I have walked outside in the gorgeous Spring sunshine and felt the warmth on my face. I have seen blossom suddenly come alive on trees, the birds are singing more AND the evenings are getting lighter. These things make my soul come alive. I can literally feel joy running through my … Read More

59 Are you setting yourself up for success?

Hey everyone, how is August treating you? I think Cumbria has forgotten that it is still Summer and the wind and rain have returned. Looking out of the window today it would be easy to believe that Autumn has arrived early. On a positive note, the garden looks beautifully lush and green again and our cats are spending more time … Read More

23 What are your intentions?

Hey everyone I hope you have had an amazing week creating lots of new memories. I was so privileged this week to be able to make a dream come true for one of my friends with the help of Kim and Co at Blencogo farm. My good friend Claire has had an obsession with Alpacas for as long as I … Read More