66 –  Mastering your emotions

66 – Mastering your emotions

Hi lovely!

How has your week been? Are you feeling excited, relaxed, happy, peaceful OR are you feeling tired, emotionally drained, miserable and emotionally wrung out?

Over the past 18 months or so I have come to realise that our emotions have a dramatic impact on how we experience life. If you tend to be positive and upbeat then your experience of life is most likely to be a positive one. Even when you encounter a setback, you are likely to look for the ‘silver lining’. If you tend to be a little more pessimistic, you will most likely feel like the world is against you at times and that you are prone to bad luck.

I believe that mastering your mindset and getting in control of your emotions are two of the biggest ways that you can make positive shifts in your experience of life. There is a tool that I share in my ELEVATE programme that demonstrates this so beautifully…

Whenever you encounter a situation, you will have thoughts about that situation. Your thoughts will determine how you feel in that moment. Your feelings about the situation will determine your actions and the actions that you take with determine the results that you achieve.

Let’s work through an example…

Imagine that you have been given a new project at work. The project is something that you have not done before. You might start thinking thoughts such as:

I don’t have the relevant skills
I can’t possibly to this!
I don’t know why they have asked me to do this!
I am going to fail
I will never be trusted to do a project like this again
And so it goes on spiralling out of control

With all this going on in your mind, your emotions or feelings are going to spiral too. You will probably be feeling anxiety, fear, anger, upset, concern, that you are not good enough.

Given this rampage of negative feelings, it is unlikely that the actions that you take are going to produce your best work. Most likely it will result in procrastination or work that appears half thought through.
The results? Exactly what you predicted at the outset. You probably won’t be given the opportunity to work on an exciting project again and most likely your confidence will be rock bottom.

WOW! That is a bleak picture!

So, what if you started this cycle with a different mindset? Let’s work through the example again.

What if you started the project by telling yourself something like this…

What a great opportunity!
This gives me an opportunity to impress the people I work with
I love that I am going to have to learn new knowledge and skills to do this project
My boss really must trust me to give me this project
This is my opportunity to shine

When you start off with thoughts like these you will experience a completely different set of emotions. Most likely you will feel excitement, pride, trust, growth, happiness, confident etc.

When you are feeling emotions like those, it is going to have a positive impact on the results you achieve. Because you are feeling empowered you will aim to deliver beyond expectations. You will view it as an opportunity to learn so even if you get feedback about things to improve, it will be of value to you.

The result? Your boss and colleagues are going to have confidence that you can step up when needed and deliver a quality piece of work. It is likely to result in more opportunities.

This cycle is such a powerful tool.

Last week, I talked about the power of decluttering your mind. If you didn’t see the post, you can read it HERE

This week I want to focus on the power of decluttering your emotions.

How often do you monitor your feelings or emotions? How often do you literally just pause and take a moment to really connect with how you are feeling and the impact that is having on you and those around you? This is a tool that I have learned to use over the past few months and it has really helped my make positive shifts in how I experience life.

You can choose to change how you are feeling about a situation or set of circumstances in a heartbeat. Here are some of the tools that I use…

Every morning, before I do anything else, I grab my journal and I write down how I am feeling and I don’t censor it. I literally write down how I am feeling as I start the day and I allow myself to feel whatever comes up. One day this past week, I woke up feeling down and frustrated about a situation that was going on so I let me pen just flow across the paper. I didn’t judge myself for it, I just simply accepted that I had not woken up feeling good. Once I had written it all out, I then switched in to writing down all the things that I was grateful for in that moment. No matter how bad your situation or circumstances, there is always something to be grateful for even if it is a simple as a brand-new day or the pen that you are holding to write in your journal. There are people in this world that don’t have that luxury. When you start to think about all the blessings you have no matter how bad you feel, your energy will start to shift.

I recently came across another tool that I find really helpful. It is called the rampage of appreciation. Once you have written down all the things you are grateful for, continue to observe all the things that surround you that bring beauty, ease and joy into your life and say thank you for them. For example, say thank you for the hot shower, say thank you for the cup of coffee, say thank you for your car as you drive to work, say thank you for your job that gives you a salary, say thank you for your colleagues etc. etc. etc. When you start observing all that you have and being grateful for it, you can’t help but shift your mood in to a more positive frame of mind!

The other way I shift my mood is with essential oils. Did you know that when you smell an essential oil, the positive effects of that oil can be experienced by the brain within 2 seconds? Yes, that’s right. It only takes two seconds for your brain to recognise a smell and to start processing it. If I am feeling low there a couple of oils that I immediately reach for…

Peppermint oil – the oil of a buoyant heart. This oil is uplifting and energising and it has an instant impact on my mood. I love to be able to reach for this oil when I need uplifting or I need re-energising. It is simply divine.

Motivate blend – this is the encouraging blend and is great for when your confidence is feeling shaky and you need an instant boost. If ever I am presenting, this is the oil that I reach for. It is like confidence and encouragement in a bottle. It is a gorgeous blend of citrus and mint oils.

Cheer blend is another firm favourite of mine. Cheer is the uplifting blend and it does what it says on the bottle. I just place a drop of Cheer in my hand and then inhale and instantly my mood lifts.

These are a just a couple of simple tools that you can use to declutter your emotions and to have a more positive experience.

Get in to the habit of asking yourself this question on a regular basis.

How am I feeling in this moment and how is this supporting me or hindering me?

Give yourself a score of 1- 10. If you are not currently feeling like a 10 then consider what is going to get you back in that zone.

Make your ‘energy shifter list’. Make a list of 10 things you can do to improve your mood. Perhaps it is a walk in nature? Perhaps it is rampage of appreciation? Perhaps it is a particular song that makes you smile or perhaps it is reaching for your favourite essential oil. It doesn’t matter. Just have your list handy, pick an item, give it a go and feel your energy shift.

Why not try it now? If you are heading in to your weekend and you are feeling less than a 10, try one of your energy shifters and move in to your weekend feeling joyful. I guarantee you will have a better weekend for it!

Until next week

Be Extraordinary





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