31 It’s the final countdown

Hey everyone, how has your week been?

I feel like the last week has just been crazy in the run up to Christmas. The shops are heaving with people trying to buy perfect gifts, the supermarkets have food and drink flying off the shelves because ‘you can never have too much’ and the bars and restaurants are full of people eating and drinking themselves merry!

At this time of year, I also notice how many people go down with the ‘Christmas Lurgy’. That reliable bout of seasonal coughs, colds and sneezes that seem to strike us all down just as Christmas approaches. Typical!

This week I kept a log of all the activities to see just how much we try to cram in as the big day approaches and I ask myself if it is all worth it?  So, let’s see what I have been up to…

Friday 15th
Got up early to get in to town to do some more Christmas shopping.
Headed over to the school to deliver a cream tea surprise to Rob and Valerie.
Headed home to write the weekly blog post.
Did a Facebook Live to the No Ordinary Woman closed Facebook Group (they are fab and you can join us here if you want to make extraordinary progress towards your goals in 2018!)
Got dressed up and hit the town for the Christmas party. Had a fab night with friends and colleagues. Ate too much and drank too much. Pretty typical for this time of year!

Saturday 16th
Got up really early and headed in to town to avoid the mad rush of panic shoppers.
Spent four hours buying the last few Christmas presents.
Managed to get a quick photo of the man himself (Santa) as well as taking a Christmas selfie!
Went to the supermarket to buy some of the Christmas food that probably won’t get eaten because as always, I have bought too much!
Travelled home, unpacked, wrapped some presents!

Sunday 17th
Worked on some of the big plans I have for my business next year.
Started to write the Christmas cards because I realised the last posting date is approaching fast!
Caught up on the household chores because they sadly don’t do themselves.
Planned for the week.

Monday 18th
Spent the day working with my corporate client. Rushed out at lunchtime to get an impromptu buffet lunch with the team. Put on party hats and ate way too much food, AGAIN!
Then rushed home to get changed to attend the school Christmas Carol Concert. It is an annual event that I really look forward to.
Having said goodbye to everyone, headed home around 9.30 to get some dinner!

Tuesday 19th
Boiler not working so worked from home and waited for the repair man.
Wrapped presents for my family ready for the very long drive down to London to see them all in the morning!
Packed our cases.
Finished writing the Christmas cards and ordered some flowers for Christmas
Double checked the food order and collection times for when we get back.
Realised that this time next week, Christmas will be over for another year!
Had a piece of Christmas cake and felt guilty about not making my own (laughing as that will never happen!).
Double-checked the cupboards to see if 8 boxes of chocolates were really going to be enough to see us through Christmas.

Wednesday 20th
Got up early and commenced the big drive South (over 5 hours!). Endured the joys of the M6 and M25 and finally arrived in London to visit our family.
Went to Chiswick House to see the art installations and had lots of fun with our family.
Checked in to hotel and caught up on some sleep.
Started to go down with the Christmas Lurgy as predicted!

Thursday 21st
Got up early and headed in to London on the tube. Although I am proud to be a Londoner, it made me realise just how busy and noisy everywhere is!
Did loads of window shopping and battled the crowds.
Played a game of sardines on the tube with all the other shoppers and commuters.
Headed back to meet up with family for our annual Christmas dinner.
Swapped funny stories, swapped presents and to be honest I probably shared germs!

Friday 22nd
Got up and headed back on to the motorway to commence the long journey back to Cumbria.
Avoided the traffic (thank goodness!) and arrived back safely.
Took cold and flu medication, finished the blog and I am now most definitely

I have spent £’s, put on lbs, sneezed, coughed and laughed.

Is it all worth it?

YES, wouldn’t change it for the world.

Have an extraordinary Christmas with your family and friends.

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