I discovered DoTerra oils when I was gifted a bottle of Serenity oil in 2017. I had been having trouble sleeping and my mind would not shut off at night. I didn’t know at that time what an incredible gift that bottle of gorgeous oil would be. Within a couple of days, my sleep pattern had returned to normal and I was feeling more rested.

If I am honest, I was a bit sceptical that something made from plants could heal me or help me, I just thought it was all about making your home smell good (and they do!)

Since then, I have seen significant improvements in not only my own health and wellbeing but that of my friends and family too. They have helped with digestive issues, sleeplessness, anxiety, migraine relief and so much more.

The quality of the essential oil is critical if you truly want to experience the health and well being benefits from them. The essential oils industry is not regulated so it is important that you find a brand of oils that you can trust.

DoTerra means gift of the earth and they are truly that. DoTerra oils are the most pure, the most tested and most trusted oils in the world. I am so passionate about what these oils can do for people, I became an advocate and I now include oils as a core element of the coaching and mentoring I do with women to help them transform their lives.

I would love to support and guide you in finding the perfect essential oil solution for you. I can also support you to open your own DoTerra account so that you can purchase oils at the wholesale price and save yourself 25%!

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