These are the different ways that you can choose to work with me:


This online programme gives you the tools and techniques you need to help you transform your life and move in the direction of your dreams. It focuses on mindset techniques and is extremely practical so you will experience changes immediately. This programme contains many of the tools I used to transform my life!

When you register, you have instant, lifetime access to all 12 modules so you can complete the programme at your own pace.

Based on the unique NOW model for transformation, for each module you will receive a detailed guide giving you all the content and exercises you need to complete.


You can sign up for this programme HERE

The modules are:

  • Discovering your reality
  • Discovering who you are
  • Discovering what you want
  • Discovering what is holding you back
  • Becoming intentional
  • Becoming accountable
  • Becoming purposeful
  • Becoming inspired
  • Creating space for your elevated life
  • Becoming the best version of you
  • Celebrating your beautiful success
  • Living an elevated life

You will also get access to the NOW closed Facebook Group where you can connect with other women who are making changes just like you!

LIMITLESS (launching in January 2019)

This programme will take your life to the next level. In LIMITLESS, I combine three elements that will truly transform your life:

  • Mindset
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Spiritual practice

This truly is my signature programme because it contains ALL the tools and techniques I have mastered in my own life that enable me to achieve the levels of success and happiness that I enjoy on a daily basis. It is my honour to share these with you as part of your journey.

This programme has been written with the dedicated, passionate and soulful woman in mind and you will have lifetime access to the materials and Facebook community.

In this 8 week intimate programme, I will share with you the art of mastering your mindset, how to balance your emotions and how to use spiritual practices to achieve greater levels of personal success to move you in the direction of the life you long for.

If you are ready to step in to your brilliance then the LIMITLESS programme is perfect for you.

The programme has 10 modules:

Introduction and welcome module
Module 1 The story of YOU (so far) – what brings you to where you are
Module 2 The tipping point – the catalyst for your transformation
Module 3 Finding your zone of genius – the gifts you bring to the world
Module 4 Discovering your higher purpose – creating your vision and unique mission
Module 5 Becoming Limitless – setting powerful intentions for your life
Module 6 Your limiting beliefs – releasing what holds you back
Module 7 Mindset and emotion mastery – harnessing your thoughts and feelings
Module 8 Living purposefully – taking massive action
Module 9 Living in alignment – establishing habits for a limitless life
Module 10 Celebrating YOU – celebrating your success and living without limits

When you become part of the LIMITLESS community, you will receive:

  • 10 coaching guides that walk you through the transformation techniques; these will give you clarity about what you truly desire and guide you through the life changes you want to make
  • 10 video tutorials that guide you through the key concepts for each module. These videos are a great introduction to the content in the coaching guides.
  • A weekly meditation aligned to each module that will strengthen your spiritual practice. This is delivered in a downloadable format so that you can use it whenever you need.
  • A beautiful collection of essential oils to balance your emotional wellbeing as you make the changes you desire. You will also receive a complimentary 12-month membership to DoTerra essential oils. These are the highest quality oils in the world and work in perfect alignment with your transformation goals.
  • 8 weekly Group Q&A calls with me so that you can ask questions and explore the content in more detail. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with other women in the group to share successes and to explore the topics in more detail. These are by video conference and will be recorded for you to keep.
  • An Essential oils video Masterclass. This class will help you to deepen your knowledge about essential oils and the powerful connection they have with your mind, your body and your soul. They are so much more than a gorgeous smell, they are elixirs for life.
  • A Law of Attraction Video Masterclass. This class will introduce you to the key concepts of the universal Law of Attraction. It will help you to connect to your inner wisdom and to start shaping your vision for your dream life.
  • Access to the LIMITLESS closed Facebook Group. This is our community of like-minded women who have already completed the LIMITLESS programme. They know what you are going through and will be there to offer support and to cheer you on. This level of support is priceless.

LIMITLESS VIP (launching in January 2019 – limited spaces)

LIMITLESS VIP is the most personal way to work with me.

With the VIP programme, you get all the same incredible content that you experience in the LIMITLESS group programme:

  • 10 video tutorials
  • 10 coaching guides
  • Weekly meditations to download
  • A beautiful collection of DoTerra Essential oils and 12 months DoTerra membership
  • 8 weekly group Q&A calls
  • Essential oils masterclass
  • Law of attraction masterclass
  • Access to the LIMITLESS Facebook group

However, this is where the similarities END.

You also work with me on a 1-1 basis as you progress through the programme. This means that you can accelerate your results and achieve dramatic results FAST.

If you are all about a personalised, luxury experience then VIP is the programme for you.

The VIP programme is for you if you like a more tailored experience and you are ready to go all in and achieve high levels of success.

In addition to everything I offer in the LIMITLESS programme, you will receive the following:

  • 8 x 1-1 online coaching sessions with me (each 45 minutes). These sessions enable us to get up close and personal so that I can really help you to experience transformational shifts in the quickest time possible. All sessions are completed by video call so that you can keep the recording to revisit as necessary.
  • a 45-minute lifestyle consultation so that I can tailor an essential oils protocol designed specifically for you. This session enables me to understand your specific health and wellbeing goals and to recommend specific oils that will support you in your journey.
  • The No Ordinary Woman guide to manifesting a life you love. This e-book shares some of the key spiritual tools that I use personally to live a life that I love every single day. They are my spiritual shortcuts to success.
  • A copy of my e-book ‘She is Unstoppable’. This e-book is my chapter that featured in the best-selling book She Is Unstoppable. In here I share the details of the journey that I went through that helped me to establish No Ordinary Woman. I share it with you to demonstrate that you are not alone; I have been where you are now and I know that anything is possible for you.
  • The opportunity to share your success story on my podcast. My podcast will be launching in 2019 and I would love to feature you so that you can share your transformation story and inspire others. It is a great way to showcase your beautiful journey and share just how much you have achieved!
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