35 How did you cope with Blue Monday?

35 How did you cope with Blue Monday?

Hey everyone, how has your week been? I have had a really productive week creating some new offerings for my clients which I love doing! I will be making some announcements in the blog over the next couple of weeks so keep a watch out!

Ok so apparently, Monday the 16th January was officially labelled as Blue Monday. It is supposed to be the day of the year where we realise we have given up on our resolutions, the holidays feel like they are long way behind us, the days seem dark, people get their credit card bills in from Christmas and it generally all feels a bit much.

As you know, I am generally a positive soul and look for the bright side but having been brainwashed all day by the media about how bleak the 16th January was going to be, I started to feel slightly weighed down by all the negativity! It made me reflect on the power and influence external messaging can have on our mood AND what we can do to overcome it. It wasn’t even just the amount of coverage that Blue Monday got in the media, it was also the amount of people who were talking about it. I was working in an office on Monday and it got referenced multiple times. I am a big believer that energy flows where attention goes and by focusing on it we created a sense that Monday was going to be difficult.

Consider this:

  • How did you feel when you woke up on Monday?
  • How did you feel at the end of the day?
  • How were you impacted by the discussions you were involved in about Blue Monday?

If you avoided it, I commend you!

Isn’t it a shame that Monday focused around misery? It could have been turned on its head and marketed as Motivation Monday and I am sure that would have had a much more profound positive impact on people’s wellbeing!

Anyway, if ever you find yourself surrounded by negativity here are some thoughts about how you can break free from the misery and move back to a place of happy!

Dis-engage from the drama

Make a conscious decision to ignore the negativity. If you are being bombarded by negative news stories on the radio or tv, turn it off. You won’t miss out on much by removing yourself from the constant negative reinforcement for a short period of time. It is so easy to get sucked in to the view that everything in the world is horrible and that we are all doomed when you listen to report after report about tragic events. If you want to stay connected, download a news app and be selective about the volume of news you take in. When you feel it is becoming overwhelming to your positive mood, log off!

You are a reflection of your tribe

There is a common view that you are a reflection of the company you keep. We tend to hang out with those people that we have a similar attitude to. If you find yourself out of alignment with this and are surrounded by people who are lowering your high vibe, then consider how you can shift the balance. Think about the people you know who build you up and make you shine. Now spend more time with them.

Have a ‘go to list’ of things that make you happy

This could be your own personal ‘happiness kit’. Think about the things that can shift your mood in an instant:

  • It could be special photo that always brings a smile to your face,
  • It could be podcast that motivates you,
  • It could be a scent that you adore that transports you back to a happy time,
  • It could be a playlist on your phone of songs that make you want to dance it out.
  • It could be a favourite DVD. For me, it has to be Peter Kay. I defy anyone to stay miserable when Peter Kay is around.
  • It can be anything. Just find the things that shift your mood and have them to hand when you need them.

Utilise the benefits of nature

There are so many wonders in nature that can bring a smile to your face. If you have a pet, you will know the stress relieving benefits of just being with them! I mean, how can you stay sad when you look at this face?

Being out in nature can be a great way to enhance your mood. Even just a brief walk in the fresh air can revitalise your spirits (even in the rain!). I know it is cold and I know the evenings are still so dark so get out for ten minutes during the day and appreciate the daylight and any wintry sunshine that is available. It will top up your happy hormones until the nights start getting lighter again.

You can also try harnessing the natural benefits from essential oils. I have seen a huge shift in my own health and wellbeing since incorporating oils in to my daily routine (even my team are now reaching for my oils!). I am a wellness advocate and have started to eradicate over the counter medicines from my life and replacing them with natural options. For example, if I get a headache I now reach for my bottle of Lavender oil and equally if I am feeling low in energy, I use my peppermint oil. They make a big difference to your mood and your overall wellbeing.

I love to share my experience of using oils with people because the benefits I have experienced have been so great. I now offer a FREE individual consultation to help share information about essential oils. If you are looking to enhance your wellbeing I would love to support you with a free consultation. You can book it HERE.

So, there you have it, my top tips for surviving the doom and gloom and living an ELEVATED LIFE amidst the misery. If you aim to be a beacon of positivity, health and happiness amidst the grey, people will be drawn to you and you might just lift someone else up.

Until next week,


Be Extraordinary




ps for the record I never liked the New Order song and it is most definitely not on my happy playlist! As for Pharrell Williams…”clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth”

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