53 – The blog is back and it’s time to get FOCUSED

53 – The blog is back and it’s time to get FOCUSED

Hey everyone!

You will have noticed that I have had a couple of weeks without doing any blogging. I have had a couple of HUGE projects on that needed some attention but the good news is that I am back and focused on ensuring we get the most from the second half of 2018!

It is incredible to think that we are already in to the second half of this year. Time really does move fast! Over the next three weeks I am going to support you in getting laser focused on what you want to achieve over the next 5 – 6 months and get you prepared for success.

The No Ordinary Woman 3 guiding principles for success

As regular readers of the blog will know, there are 3 key principles I believe you need to follow to achieve personal transformation and long term success. You need to:

  • Nurture yourself– In nurturing yourself, you become clear about what is working and what is not. You give yourself the permission to believe that anything and everything is possible and you get clear about what you truly want. You start to believe that you can do anything, be anything and have anything. You nourish your mind, your body and your soul. You work on YOU which is a gift we don’t often give ourselves!


  • Own your actions and results By ‘owning it’ you are taking accountability for where you currently are and the results you have achieved to date. It is not about beating yourself up for everything you have not yet achieved but it is about taking accountability for your story. We all blame others or blame circumstances for our feelings of lack and until you take personal accountability for your story, you won’t achieve lasting success or lead a truly fulfilled life. By blaming others, you are simply giving away your personal power and will remain stuck. It’s time to look in the mirror, understand what is holding you back and being brave enough to accept your flaws and move beyond them. We all have flaws and equally we all have gifts and strength beyond measure!


  • Work to establish success habits Success is all about the habits that you establish to ensure that you progress in the direction of your desires every day and that you remain relentless in the pursuit of them. It’s about what you tell yourself as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, it’s about how grateful you are for all that you have already and it’s about how determined you are to move in the direction of your dreams. It’s about ensuring that your daily and habits and rituals help and support you, not get in your way. Every little step in the right direction counts and moves you towards living the extraordinary life you know in your heart you deserve and can achieve.

So, why do I recap this?

Mid-year is a great time for taking stock and re-aligning yourself. It enables you to reflect on the past 6 months, consider your successes and review how much progress you have made in the direction of the intentions you set for 2018.

You may wish to reflect on these questions…

What were your big intentions for this year? If you can’t remember them, then it is time to refocus!

On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with the progress you have made to date?

If you have not made the progress you want, what has got in the way?

How have you sabotaged your own success this year?

What has supported your progress this year and how can you maximise it in the second half of this year?

Have your intentions for this year changed at all?

Over the next three weeks I will be taking each of the principals in turn and doing a refresher to get us fired up and focused. In addition, I will also be sharing information about the different essential oils that will support you at each stage. The oils are great for wellbeing and emotional support.

We are going to look the rest of 2018 in the eye and give it a wink because we are going to go all out to achieve the things we desire

Until next week

Be Extraordinary



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