48 – The world needs you!

Hey everyone

I hope you have had a fantastic week and are looking forward to a warm, sunny Bank Holiday weekend full of excitement. Rob and I are getting out for our first fell walk of the year on Sunday and I can’t wait.

Thank you for the great feedback you have given me about last week’s blog post. I am glad it resonated with you. This week we are going to get another step closer to discovering your Ikigai by focusing on “what the world needs”.

It is time to get CURIOUS. Do you ever stop to think about how things will look ten years from now? I mean really curious? If not, you are not alone. I think most of us get wrapped up in the busyness of the here and now and we don’t create time to pause and get curious about what might be possible.

The pace of change has significantly picked up momentum over the past 100 years. Today we take things for granted such as mobile phones that would not even have been conceived when the phone was first invented. All it took was for someone to get curious, to spot a need and take some inspired action.

Here is a stat that blows my mind…

The World Wide Web was only created in 1989. For some of you reading this blog, you won’t have ever lived in a time when we didn’t have a www site for everything! For others, you will have seen the web explode and be left wondering what we ever did before. The Web was created by a scientist who recognised the benefit of computers being able to connect with each other and the rest is history. For most of us the Web has become a way of life. We order shopping, we connect with people, we research information, we download music and the list goes on and on. This is all because someone identified something the world needed and acted.

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying “I find out what the world needs and then I go ahead and try to invent it”. I am not saying we all need to become scientists and inventors however we all have enough creativity in us to recognise something that the world needs and to come up with good ideas. How many times have you heard yourself saying “if only someone had created something to do this” or my other favourite is when someone comes up with an idea and then goes on to say, “well I bet someone has already invented that”. It doesn’t matter if someone has already invented, they are not going to have come up with the exact same thing as you because you are unique.

Ask yourself this, how many different types of mobile phones are there? Loads! They all have their own unique selling point and will attract their own market. It would be dull if we were all drawn to the same thing!

I know two people who have amazing ideas for products or services and yet those ideas are still sitting with them. Something is holding them back from taking the next step to bring that solution in to reality. Our limiting beliefs and fears can keep us so stuck but that is another blog post!

I decided to do a bit of exploring about some of the things that might be coming over the horizon in the next ten years to highlight the point that just because something hasn’t been done yet, it doesn’t mean there won’t be value in it in the future. This is what I discovered…

The world of work may look very different with people having the ability to work more remotely. This means that organisations may move to a model where they employ freelance workers rather than permanent employees. This will mean getting a contract could be more competitive and there will be a need to stand out. Individuals may want to engage with a ‘personal branding coach’ to help them. How many personal branding coaches do you know? In ten years, the market could be swamped with personal branding coaches to choose from!

Here is another one. With so many people working as freelancers, there will be a need for organisations to be able to call on someone who can bring a team together and get them working together effectively as quickly as possible. I introduce to you the role of ‘professional triber’.

This might make you smile now but a changing landscape is inevitable and with it brings possibilities.

In the 1960s the top jobs that kids wanted when they grew up included:

  • Policeman
  • Astronaut
  • Teacher

And in 50 years this has changed to:

  • Something in tech
  • WAG
  • You Tube sensation

None of the above jobs existed back in the 60s and in fact some of them didn’t even exist at the turn of the century.

Things change and the possibilities are endless.

If you know in your heart that you have more to give and that your purpose is out there somewhere, don’t limit yourself. Get curious about how things are evolving. Be conscious of the ideas that you have and let them grow. Don’t let your beliefs hold you back.

Think how many inventions we would not have if the person with the original idea started to listen to the inner voice that says…

  • Who would buy this?
  • It’s a stupid idea
  • That thing doesn’t even exist
  • Everyone will laugh

We all have magic within us. We all have creativity even if we think we don’t. Just because you can’t see a possibility now, don’t hold the belief that there will never be a space for you to contribute your gift. My belief is that if you want something badly enough, you will find a way.

Instead of making excuses and telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t find something the world needs, why not just simply ask yourself

“What if?”

Until next time

Be Extraordinary

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