44 – Time to take stock?

44 – Time to take stock?

Happy Easter everyone!

Can you believe that we are already a quarter of the way through this year? That seems crazy to me!  I honestly don’t know where this year has gone, it seems to be passing by FAST!

Spring is definitely on its way. The Daffodils are beginning to flower and we even have Spring lambs in the field behind our house. I love this time of year because for me it always signals things coming back to life after the Winter. It feels like an appropriate time to take stock, pause and reflect on what has happened since you set your bold intentions at the start of the year and to give your intentions renewed focus!

As you know, I believe that to live an extraordinary life you need to focus on three things:

Nurture it – taking good care of yourself, getting clear about what you intend for your life and recognising what is holding you back

Own it – taking accountability for your results so far and taking ownership for shaping your future

Work it – taking consistent, daily actions to make your intentions your reality and celebrating your successes along the way.

So, using that framework let’s pause, be brave and take an honest look at how much progress you have made this year against the intentions you set.

Think about your current levels of satisfaction with your life right now? If you were going to give yourself a score between 1 and 10 (1 being “I hate my life right now” and 10 being “I could not be happier”), how would you rate yourself?

If you are not at a ‘10’, then there is room for improvement so let’s take each of the three areas in turn…

Nurture it

Nurture it, is about getting really clear about what you want and taking good care of yourself. If you have not made enough progress towards achieving the intentions you have set this year, here are some things to consider…

  • When you set your intentions at the beginning of the year, were you crystal clear about what you wanted? How did you want your life to look and feel? When you achieve it, what will people be saying to you and more importantly, what will you be saying to yourself? Clarity is important. If you have not been clear enough about what you want, take some time to write it down. Write it down as though you have already achieved it
  • Are you taking good enough care of yourself? If you are going to live an extraordinary life that is in alignment with your intentions, you need to ensure you are taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Are you careful about how you nourish your body and mind? Do you eat foods that fuel you or do you live on junk food? Do you feed your mind with things that make you think and get you curious or do you spend hours a day scrolling through social media? Really think about the person you need to be to achieve your dreams and schedule time for yourself.

Own it

Own it is about taking accountability for your results good or bad. If you are making good progress then GREAT! I applaud you for taking action. If you are not making the progress that you want then you can make every excuse under the sun however I am going to hold you to a higher standard than that. The moment you make an excuse, you take away your own personal power. Every time you blame someone else for your lack of progress and results you move away from living the life you desire. So, it is time to be honest with yourself…

  • If you are not making the progress you want, there is usually some resistance sitting behind it. Take some quiet time to sit and consider this. Perhaps meditate and ask yourself the question “why I am resisting this?”. Usually it means there is a fear or limiting belief that you are holding that is stopping you from moving forward so you remain stuck. Some of the most common fears my coaching clients express are fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of success, fear of not being good enough and the list goes on! Firstly, acknowledge that there is resistance, then understand what the resistance is. Once you know what is holding you back and you establish if that fear is real or imagined, you can do something about it! 99{23265c8658f037df50a527825378816ac92d7af65f58f856e519a55394096024} of the time, our limiting beliefs are based on things that are imagined. Start to tell yourself a more empowering story. If you are constantly telling yourself that you can’t do something, your brain will find evidence to support that belief. Try making a list of all the reasons why you can do something and guess what…. your brain will find evidence to support that belief too!

Work it

‘Work it’ is all about establishing daily habits and rituals that will support you in making progress towards achieving your intentions. It is all well and good to have clear intentions but you can’t just sit and wish for it to happen, you must make it happen! Here are some tips for getting momentum…

  • It’s an obvious one BUT break big tasks down. If you think your intentions is overwhelming, you will never start working towards it. Make a list of 14 small actions you can take to make some progress and then do them. It is amazing how much progress you can make it 2 weeks!
  • Identify key milestones and then when you reach them, CELEBRATE! So often, we forget to celebrate the small wins we have along the way. It’s the little wins over time that lead to massive success in the long run!
  • Keep a record of all the progress you are making. Find a gorgeous journal and literally write down every action you take towards achieving your intention and date them. When you feel like you are getting stuck, just look back over the pages and realise how far you have come

If you are reading this and beating yourself up because you had great intentions in January and here you are in March and you are no further forward then STOP!!

NOW is a beautiful time to stop, breathe, reflect and re-energise yourself with your intentions. Go for it

Until next time

Be Extraordinary



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