49 – Are you limiting your possibilities?

Hey everyone, how was your Bank Holiday weekend? I hope you had an amazing time and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Rob and I took the opportunity to go for a long hill walk however it didn’t quite go to plan! We have set ourselves a goal to climb the 214 Wainwright fells here in the Lake District and we planned to do a route that would complete another 3 from the list. We always make sure we have planned a route the night before and have all the right equipment such as maps, compass etc. however we have not done any walking for a good few months following our Coast to Coast adventure a couple of years ago and were a bit out of practice!

Firstly, I managed to navigate us to the wrong parking spot which meant we started off from the wrong place. After a mile of walking in the wrong direction we turned around, picked up the car and drove to the correct starting point (oops!). I did manage to rescue a tiny lamb and reunite it with its mum and that would not have happened if we had been on the right path!

Once we found the right path, we then set off confidently assuming that the big hill in front of us was the hill that we were aiming for and started to fit the directions we were following in to our landscape. However, it became apparent that the directions were no longer matching the landscape we found ourselves in (no matter how hard we tried to make them match!) and we realised we had taken a wrong path. We trekked back and decided that having walked 7 miles already we would just enjoy the fact that we had done some exercise and been out in the fresh air and we would attempt the hill walk another time.

When I reflected on the day it reminded me of a few things…

  • Sometimes you might not be exactly where you want to be however the path you are on can give you special moments regardless. I love lambs and have never held one and it was so special to be able to be able to hold it and give it back to its mum.
  • Just because things don’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. You can learn from it. Rob and I will attempt the hill walk again and this time we know exactly where to park and we know which path NOT to take!
  • Gratitude gives you peace that frustration never will. We could have been really frustrated with ourselves for making so many errors however we got to spend the day together, in beautiful weather, looking at gorgeous scenery. Instead of being annoyed about failing to climb the three fells, I was just grateful for the day.
  • Don’t just make your current circumstances fit because it feels like the easy thing to do. Sometimes it is better to take a step backward to be able to move forward in the long run
  • It is great to have a goal or a vision and you can have all the tools you need but sometimes things just don’t go to plan. It doesn’t matter, there is always another path, another opportunity or another possibility. Sometimes we limit ourselves by being too fixed on a particular outcome. Yes, we set out to climb 3 fells and it didn’t happen however we will do it another day. I’m not going to change the goal and I’m not going to let it ruin the day either.
  • It’s ok to make mistakes. The world doesn’t end.

Anyway, I wanted to continue this week with the concept of Ikigai  If you remember, Ikigai is the Japanese concept of living a life full of passion and purpose and proposes that if you know what you love, know what the world needs, know what you can be paid for and know what your skills are then you will achieve Ikigai.

So far, we have explored the concepts of discovering what you love and understanding what the world needs. This week I am going to consider the third stage which is discovering what you can be paid for. This is one of the areas where I notice that people limit themselves the most because they hold the belief that they can’t necessarily be paid for something they love doing (particularly if it is a non-traditional gift!)

Last week I shared with you how dramatically career choices have changed over the past few years with the explosion of technology. It has opened up all kinds of possibilities that were not there a few years ago. Who knew that you could earn a living by being a YOUTUBE content creator? You Tube has exploded with people who are now reviewing products online and sharing their thoughts and opinions. Zoella is probably one of the more well known. She started her blogging back in 2009 and posting reviews about different hair and make-up products. She started to get a small following and it just went viral. She now has millions of followers, her own channel on You Tube and her own beauty line in Superdrug all because she had a hobby that she pursued although there was no obvious career or income in it.

The t.v. programme Dragons Den is a great example of showcasing how people have developed a passion for something, understood what the world needs and created a product that people will potentially want to buy. Just consider some of the inventions that have come out of that programme and the significant investments made. Some of those items have become global bestsellers. How many Trunkies do you see at the airport when you go on holiday? All because someone had an idea, spotted a need and pursued a passion.

A want to share a story with you about one of the women in my Facebook Group, Michelle. She is one of the most creative people I know and loves spending time learning how to do different arts and crafts.  She knits, she makes gorgeous handmade cards and most recently she has stunned us all by introducing us all to the art of book folding.

Book folding is not something I had come across before. It is a relatively straight forward process of folding the pages of a book in a certain way to create an image when the book is closed. The results are amazing and can be so creative. This is an image of one of the books that Michelle has created in to a butterfly. I was blown away when I saw this. Because I have developed a business mindset, my immediate comment to Michelle was “people would pay good money for that”. The interesting thing is that Michelle doesn’t see it that way, she views this as a hobby only.

Michelle brought this book in to our office and had it sat beside her on her desk and I can’t tell you the number of people who stopped to talk to Michelle about how she had done it, how long it had taken her and to compliment her on how gorgeous the design was and how gifted she was to be able to create it. The other thing I noticed was how much brighter and motivated she was through engaging in these conversations with people and to be able to share her creative gifts with others. It brought her alive! I also know that I love the book designs and would love to gift them to lots of people I know but would never have the time or patience to do it myself. Would I pay someone to do this for me? Yes, I would. Do I think I would be the only paying customer? Absolutely not! I guess that is why Not On The High Street has become so popular and a go to website for unusual, bespoke gifts.

Here is the truth. So often we limit our dreams and our potential to live a life aligned to passion and purpose because we talk ourselves out of being brave and taking a chance on something. We have an idea, lift our heads above the parapet and decide that we can’t possibly be paid to do something we love (unless, of course you are already doing your dream career).

We are fortunate to live in an age where anything feels possible. It has never been easier to market our ideas to millions of people across the world. These days the world feels very small. Is it possible that the only things that limits you from living your passion and purpose and being paid for it, is you?

Food for thought.

Until next week

Be Extraordinary

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  1. Aww that’s lovely Joanna and thank you for sharing and mentioning me, going to do another one soon, thanks so much, Michelle xx

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