72 Bringing the ‘woo’ to what I do

72 Bringing the ‘woo’ to what I do

Hey lovely!

March is already here and this week I have walked outside in the gorgeous Spring sunshine and felt the warmth on my face. I have seen blossom suddenly come alive on trees, the birds are singing more AND the evenings are getting lighter. These things make my soul come alive. I can literally feel joy running through my veins and I feel in a high vibe mood. When my mood feels like this, everything seems brighter and it just feels as though life is that little bit easier. Things feel in FLOW.

Can you relate?

Have you experienced those times in your life when you have felt really good and good things just seem to keep happening to you? You feel like luck is on your side and you are unstoppable?

The reverse is also true. There have been times in my life when I have felt low energy and things have just felt like hard work and that I have been walking through treacle. Nothing seems to have gone my way.

I believe this is the Law of Attraction and all its magic in action.

So, what is the Law of Attraction?

I have been using the Law of Attraction on and off for the past 12 years.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is one of the universal laws. It is like gravity. It is always there and always working whether you actively use it or not.

At its basis, the LOA has a couple of very simple principles:

  • You ASK the Universe for what you want
  • You BELIEVE that you can have it
  • You RECEIVE what you want

I believe the LOA worked its magic to make me aware of it in the first place. I was skiing in Canada and the instructor asked me if I believed in the Law of Attraction. He talked to me about a book that had just been launched called The Secret that was getting a lot of interest and was becoming popular across the globe. I had not heard of it and I had soon forgotten about it.

A couple of weeks later, I was visiting my friend’s house for the afternoon and she asked me if I would like to watch a DVD. She wasn’t sure if it would ‘be my thing’ as it was a motivational film rather than a movie. When she got the DVD out, it was the film The Secret. I literally got goose pimples all over my body! Within two weeks, two different people had talked to me about The Secret. It was the magic of the LOA in action.

I watched the film and I read the book and I fell in love with The Secret. The philosophy of the LOA just made so much sense to me and I started to use the three principles. I started to experience the magic of working with the LOA.

The LOA works on vibrational energy. Everything is energy. Like energy attracts like energy. Everything has a vibrational frequency, even your thoughts! You may have heard of the phrase “Thoughts become things”. So, what you think about, you become. If your thoughts are mainly positive, your life experience will be positive and the LOA will be reflecting good things back to you. The same is true of negative thoughts. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, this will be what is reflected back to you too.

This is why I believe that mastering your mindset is critical!!

We have hundreds and thousands of thoughts a day. It would be exhausting to try and monitor every thought you have. A great way to check what you are thinking is to consider how you are FEELING. Your feelings are a shortcut to knowing what you are thinking. You can’t be thinking positive thoughts and feeling bad. When you are feeling GOOD and vibrating at a high frequency, you attract circumstances and events that are of the same vibrational frequency. When you are feeling LOW, you will be emitting a low energy frequency and will attract circumstances and events that are of the same lower frequency. You attract what you put out.

To change your thoughts, you need to change your feelings. If you know you are feeling low, find things that will help you feel good. This is why I use essential oils. All essential oils have a vibration too and there are oils that I specifically use to help keep me in alignment. For example, Peppermint is the oil of a buoyant heart and can lift my mood instantly. It is beautiful how everything is connected.

So, let me tell you more about the three basic principles…


This is where the magic starts. YOUR responsibility is to get really clear about what it is that you want. So many of us just move through life without really getting clear about what we want or how we want our life to look. Do you have a clear vision for how you want your life to look and feel? Do you allow yourself to really dream and create a beautiful image for what you want to experience in life?

It is so easy to fall in to the trap of just letting life unfold because life gets busy and before we know it, one day rolls in to the next. The LOA is all about getting intentional and allowing yourself to create your life as you want it.

We also limit ourselves because on some level we believe we are not worthy of having everything we desire. Based on the LOA, there is no limit to what you can be, do or have. Your only limit is you. We tell ourselves that we can’t ask for everything we want because it might look greedy or self-serving when other people don’t have everything they want. The LOA does not discriminate. Everyone can have anything and everything they want.


When you have got clear about what it is you want, you then need to BELIEVE that what you want is already yours. This is where faith and trust comes in to the equation. You need to imagine it as though it is already your reality.

You will know that I am a big fan of vision boards. Vision boards are a great way to get clear about what you want and to help you with the ASK stage. When you have them somewhere you can see them all the time, it will help raise your vibration every time you see it as you imagine how you will feel when you receive it.

I spend time every morning looking at my vision board and connecting in to the positive emotions I experience at just the thought of manifesting the things I desire on my board. I then do a meditation and spend just a few minutes visualising how my ideal day looks when I am living my dream life.

The brain can’t distinguish between something that is real and something that is imagined. That is why dreams can feel so real to us!


The final step is to receive. In my experience, this is the step where people get stuck with the LOA. You have to create space for what you desire to manifest and you have to be grateful for what you already have in order to receive more.

Whenever I have used the LOA to manifest something in my life, it has invariably been this step that has prevented it coming to me. I spent years being unhappy because I was single. Being unhappy about it meant that my vibrational energy was low and I was focusing on the lack of a loving partner in my life. Well, like attracts like so all I got returned to me was more reasons to feel ‘lack’. A partner didn’t show up because my thoughts were all about not having a partner.

It wasn’t until I shifted my thinking and my emotions in this area that the magic happened. When I started to focus on being happy as I was and grateful for what I had that my vibration shifted. I started to think about how lovely it would be to share my life with someone and I started to create space in my home. Instead of filling my wardrobes full of clothes, I actually left some space so that my future husband could use the wardrobe too.

When I shifted my thinking, I shifted my emotions, I shifted my energy and my husband Rob soon became my reality.

One of the tensions I have had to wrestle with is the battle between science and faith. Research in to neuroscience is starting to identify why these principles of LOA actually work. So, maybe science and faith are not so far apart after all?

I have learnt so much about the LOA over the past few years and I have learnt so many short cuts and tips for how to get it working for you. I want to share what I know with more people like you so that you can experience the magic too. I will soon be launching LIFE MAGIC which is my new four-week programme based on the Law of Attraction. In the programme, I will be sharing lots of the tools I use to fast track results. It is aimed at people who are interested in learning more about the LOA and how they can harness it to create their dream life. I will be sharing:

  • Mastering the basics of the LOA
  • Tools to help you get results quickly
  • Getting in control of your thoughts and emotions
  • Tips for manifesting more money
  • How to deal with contrast (when you are not aligned with universal energy)

If you would love to be notified when LIFE MAGIC launches then please either comment on this post OR you can sign up for my newsletter HERE

I wish you a magical month!

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