45 – What is your Superpower?

Hey everyone

I hope you have had a good couple of weeks and enjoyed the Easter Break!

You may have noticed that there was no blog post last week. This was because Rob and I were in Venice celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful break and we had a fabulous time. It was even more special because Rob didn’t know we were going! I had booked the trip in secret to give him an extra surprise.

On our way back from Venice, we had a stopover in Manchester for the evening. As we were checking in to our hotel, I noticed an illuminated sign. As you know, I love an inspirational quote or message so I took the opportunity to take a photo. The message said “No-one is YOU. That is your superpower” and it got me thinking about the beauty of uniqueness.

One of the big shifts I am starting to see is that people feel they have the permission to be themselves. I believe this is a long time coming and more work still needs to be done. For example, I currently work with an organisation that is really investing in their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda so that no-one has to feel that they need to pretend to be someone that they are not when they come to work.

This organisation is not alone. I see this movement happening in the education system, in the fashion industry and widely across the corporate sector. We have come a long way since segregation and since women not having the vote. We are not there yet, we still have a long way to go but it is encouraging to see the shift start to happen.

As you probably know by now, I established No Ordinary Woman to support women to make transformational change in their lives. The name can be interpreted in a number of ways. For example, it can be read as a woman declaring that she is unique and not like every other woman out there (she is no ordinary woman) OR it can simply be a statement that there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ woman. I chose the name carefully because I think both perspectives apply.

I firmly believe that we all have unique gifts and talents that we bring to the table. No two people are the same. I value uniqueness and quirkiness as much as I value feeling like I have some things in common with people. I love learning from others and hearing different perspectives.

When I saw that quote, I started reflecting on what makes me unique and what my ‘superpower is’. I also started to realise how challenging it can be to feel confident enough to declare what your superpower is too! For whatever reason, we find it difficult to put our heads above the parapet and declare why we are gifted at something. We don’t want to show off and we don’t want people to feel like we are bragging or trying to position ourselves as better than anyone else.

Well, I am going to take a brave step and declare my hand…

“My superpower is making people feel heard and making them feel special. I go the extra mile and I strive to do more than people expect”

A lot of the testimonials I get from people are about how valued they felt and how I gave more than they expected.

Wow, that did feel brave saying it out loud but it is true.

Let me share a couple of examples with you that brings this to life…

  • When I planned the trip away for Rob for our anniversary, I thought of every little detail and ways I could make him feel loved and special. It took a lot of time and planning but it was worth every minute that I invested to see the look on his face when he found out what we were doing.
  • When I introduce new clients to essential oils and they become a member through me, I send them each something that they would not expect in the post. I don’t have to do that, however I want every one of the people who invest in their health and wellbeing through me to know that I deeply appreciate them.
  • When I coach or mentor someone, I like them to know that I have not only listened for the duration of their session with me, I continue to consider them beyond our call. I will often send a follow up email or text and guide them to resources that might help them.

By the way, I am not sharing these examples to ‘show off’, I am sharing them because you will have something about you that is equally special. If I can share mine and be proud, then you can too!

It is too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are typical or run of the mill. I am here to tell you that you are far from it. You are unique, you are amazing, you are YOU. No-one else can be that.

Why not spend some time considering what your super power is and then ramp it up! Be proud of what you do and who you are and the specialness that only you can offer. Why not even be brave and post your Superpower in the comments below. I would love to hear from you1

You are far from ORDINARY!

Until next time

Share your uniqueness and be Extraordinary


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One Comment on “45 – What is your Superpower?”

  1. Loved this blog. This has really resonated with me. It has taken me a few weeks to know what my superpower is. I think my superpower is being a good friend and supporting my friends, even from a distance. I am extremely generous with all things but especially my time and emotions. Even outside of friendship I want to make sure people are happy and I will do all I can to help.
    I am so pleased and happy that i found NOW. Thanks for your blogs.

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