69 What’s your word?

69 What’s your word?

Hey there lovely

WOW, I could not have wished for a more perfect end to 2018. Last Friday I attended the London launch party for our book She Is Unstoppable alongside the curator Jennifer Hardie and the other eleven inspiring women who shared their personal stories as part of the book.

It was such a beautiful evening as we got to stand up and read part of our chapter to the people who attended. It was lovely to meet the women behind the chapters and to be able to share our stories with the world. Our book has become an international bestseller which literally blows my mind every time I say it!

If you have not read our book yet, you can purchase a copy HERE

This time of year, I always start to reflect on what the year has been like and more importantly what I want to bring forward in the coming year. As I move in to each New Year, I do three things:

(1) I set intentions for the year ahead. If you follow my work you will know that this is not about setting a New Year’s resolution that will fade in to my memory by the second week of January. Oh No! This is about going deep inside to the bit of me that truly knows what I desire and setting powerful intentions for how I am going to show up in the world, the bold actions I am going to take to live in alignment with what lights me up and the how I want my life experience to be for the next 12 months (and beyond)

(2) I re-focus my vision board so that when I look at it, I feel excitement within me at just the thought of bringing that vision to life. I find images that literally give me goosebumps. I look at each and every image or word and ask myself “does this image make me feel the way I want to feel?”. If it does, it stays on my vision board. If it doesn’t, it gets replaced. I keep my vision board fluid throughout the year so that I am always focused on the things that bring me joy.

(3) Finally (and this is one of the things I love doing most) I pick my word for the year. I have been doing this for the past 10 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful this simple tool is. I spend time meditating on the word that I want to use as a lens for my life in the coming 12 months. Then, every decision I make and every action I take, I ask myself the question “does this feel in alignment with your word for this year”. It is a perfect guiding compass.

My word for 2018 was SUCCESS.

When I chose that word at the start of the year, I had some ideas about what I wanted that to look like. I wanted to achieve greater reach in terms of my audience for No Ordinary Woman, I wanted to get a new programme launched, I wanted to share essential oils with more people so they could have a more natural way to support their wellbeing.

As I reflect back on this 12 months, I have come to realise that I have achieved some of the intentions that I had set for myself  however I have also achieved things that I could not have even comprehended 12 months ago.

Yes, I have grown my audience for No Ordinary Woman and I have helped other women to find their purpose. I intend to share this even wider in 2019.

Yes, I have shared oils with over 30 people and I know there are 30 homes that are now using essential oils to support their health and wellbeing rather than relying on chemicals and toxins. I intend to treble this in 2019 (as a minimum)

I launched one programme however I have received so many ideas about where I can make a difference for people that I know that next year will see me launch multiple programme. I am so excited about this (watch this space for the details).

When I look back, I can feel a certain level of satisfaction that I achieved the intentions I set out to achieve.

However, the SUCCESS doesn’t stop there.

  • I became a co-author for our book. By simply sharing my story alongside other women sharing theirs, we have raised a significant amount of money for two amazing charities.
  • I have developed a leadership programme for the corporate company that I continue to work with that I know will have a significant impact on the leaders who will experience it and will enable them to leave a more impactful leadership legacy.
  • I have supported friends through challenging times in their lives and I have been there for them when they have needed me.
  • I have seen women rise up and recognise they have more to offer. I have been their cheerleader along the way and supported them when they have faltered.
  • My marriage has continued to grow strong and is the thing I hold most dear.
  • I have shown up for my dreams every single day and contributed in whatever way I have been able.

Success has not always been about the tangible things that I could just tick of a list or hold in my hand. For me, success has been much more profound than that.

So, as this year comes to a close, I invite you to reflect on 2018 and be proud of all the ways you have shown up in this world. Think about the difference you are here to make in 2019 and make a conscious decision to be ‘all in’. Think about the word you are going to choose for 2019 and let that word be your guiding star.

That is all from me this year as I am taking a couple of weeks off to lay in the sun, spend time with the ones I love and get ready for 2019.

I wish you all a very magical Christmas





There will be so many exciting new things launching from No Ordinary Woman next year. Here is a sneak preview….


Life Magic – my new programme on how to leverage the magic of life using the law of attraction (launching January)

Limitless – my new signature programme to help you get clear about your purpose and to live a life that is truly limitless

My monthly newsletter will be launching and will include mindset tips, guidance on essential oils for wellbeing and tips for using the law of attraction. I can’t wait to share it

AND… NOW will have a new look and feel in 2019. Can’t wait to share it with you

All photos courtesy of @brickhousephotography

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