01 – The Right Time is Always NOW

01 – The Right Time is Always NOW

Welcome to my blog – “The Right Time is Always NOW”

No Ordinary Woman Joanna Petrie-Rout (6)I am so delighted that you have found your way to this community because it means that you are looking to change something about your life and probably feeling frustrated that you have not achieved the things you want….YET!

I understand how you are feeling, I really do. I have been exactly where you are now. If I am going to support you in your journey to living an extraordinary life, I thought you might like to get to know me a bit better!

I have been fortunate in life although like most people, I have had my share of ups and downs! I have had a great career as a Personal Development Coach working in large corporate companies helping hundreds of people to achieve their potential. However, if I am honest, although I have been very successful, I started to feel like there must be more to life and became determined to discover ‘my true purpose’.

Over the past few years, my life has transformed dramatically:
• I quit my full time corporate career
• I met and married my soulmate Rob (having waited to meet him for a long time!)
• I relocated to a part of the country where I didn’t know anyone
• My father, who was a cornerstone in my life, passed away
• I tried to start a family and went through the process of IVF. After four years with no success, my husband (Rob) and I eventually accepted and came to terms with the fact that this was not going to be possible for us and I knew I needed to find a different way to add value

It was a lot to deal with in a short period of time and I honestly felt very lost.

In the summer of 2016 Rob and I decided to walk The Coast to Coast (because we are THAT crazy!). It is a 200 mile walk from St Bees on the West Coast to Robin Hoods Bay on the East Coast. It is literally a walk from one side of England to the other and we decided to do it for fun in just 12 days. I did draw the line at camping and we stayed in B&Bs but even so it was a lot of walking!

This walk was a huge turning point in my life (you get a lot of time to think when you are walking around 18 miles each day). I realised that I was stronger and more resilient than I had imagined and that I could achieve ANYTHING that I set my heart on. This became evident when I developed severe blisters about 5 days in and could hardly get my foot in my walking boot BUT I didn’t give in (I am very determined!)

I started to reflect on where I was at in my life and realised I had been allowing myself to settle for a good life rather than pushing toward the life I really wanted. It was during that adventure that the idea for No Ordinary Woman was born!

I looked back over the recent challenges I had faced and started to draw on all my years of experience helping other people to achieve their potential and started applying them myself. I noted down all the tools, processes and strategies I used to help me get clear about who I was and what I wanted to achieve and I realised that I wanted to share my strategies with other women who don’t want to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Over the past 10 months since completing the walk I have been working hard on developing my own unique model for achieving transformational change. No Ordinary Woman is a way for me to share that with you, and I can’t wait.

Essentially, I believe there are three phases to living an extraordinary life. You need to:

NURTURE IT – really take time to think about what you want, who you are, where you are now and what might need to change

OWN IT – take accountability for what you want, create goals and take action every day in the direction of your goals

WORK IT – establish habits and good practice to support the lifestyle you want and to consistent in their application

Sounds easy right?

It isn’t and I know that but that is why I established a community of like-minded women, so we can all help each other as we move in the direction of our dreams and to share in all our successes.

To get you started I have developed a workbook that will give you more information and exercises on the NOW philosophy. Just take a moment to drop your email in here, and I will send you my free three step guide to living an extraordinary life.

You can join our Facebook community right here. Be sure to come and introduce yourself so we can get to know you better.

Until next time….


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