63 Finishing STRONG

63 Finishing STRONG

Hey lovely

Today is an exciting day for me. I am being interviewed to start creating my chapter in the new inspiring book She Is Unstoppable which is launching on the 26thNovember. In case you have not heard the buzz about the book yet, it is a collection of inspiring stories from 12 women (including me!) who have faced adversity and survived. It is such an honour for me to be part of this collaboration with these extraordinary women. You can sign up to receive exclusive updates about the launch by clicking HERE

Being involved in this book has made me realise how quickly December is going to fly around. I can’t quite believe we are at the end of September, but we are! This is an interesting time of year. Summer feels like a distant dream, the nights are getting cooler and darker and thoughts are turning to Christmas.

The last three months can often be a challenging time of year in terms of maintaining motivation and momentum towards achieving your goals. I often hear clients check out on achieving their dream with a view to resetting and refocusing when they reach the New Year.  The reality is that we still have 13 weeks left in 2018 and miracles can happen in that amount of time!

So, this week I wanted to focus on 5 tips to help you get super focused and to end 2018 on a high!

Tip 1 – Get crystal clear about how you want to feel on the 31st December

When that clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, really think about how you want to feel. Do you want to feel excited because in the last three months you have smashed it OR do you want to be filled with regret for the things you wanted to achieve in 2018 that you let slip by?

It really isn’t too late to make a significant difference to your experience of 2018. It is all about your mindset and your willingness to take the steps necessary to move you in the direction of what you want.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I am not a big fan of goal setting. I prefer to set intentions. Goals require you to define clear actions on what you want and how you are going to achieve them. Intentions are more fluid. They enable you to set an end point and then allow the path to unfold.

Whenever I set an intention, I always associate an emotion with it. I daydream and meditate on what my intention is and I specifically focus on how I want to feel. Do you want to feel more motivated? Do you want to feel healthier? Do you want to feel calm? Think about how you want to feel and your intention, and the subsequent actions you need to take, will flow from there.

Tip 2 – To feel like that, focus on what you need to do!

Connecting a feeing or emotion to something you want to achieve is so powerful. It will be that emotion that will keep you going when you feel like you want to quit. Keep reminding yourself daily how you want to feel and undertake activities that are going to give you that feeling or emotion.

So, if you decide that you want to feel more relaxed, really think about what that means to you. Does it mean having a regular massage? Does it mean having a walk in the fresh air every day? Does it mean reading a book? It will mean different things to different people.

When you know what it really means for you, you can then start to schedule activities that will move you in that direction!

 Tip 3 – Take daily action and track your progress

 One of the biggest success steps I implement with my coaching clients is about taking daily action. This might sound simplistic but the reality is that when we are faced with something big that we want to achieve, it can often feel overwhelming. I get my clients to focus on taking just one simple action every day that will move them in the right direction. It is amazing how much progress you can make in one week when you have taken 7 actions in the direction of your dream!

The other thing that has a massive impact, is tracking your progress. You may think that you will remember all the success that you have achieved when you reflect back on the week, month or year but it is so easy to forget. This year, I started to visually track all my successes, big or small, so that I could look back over the year and realise just how far I have come. It is so motivational to see all your wins written there in black and white. Why not find a notebook that you love writing in or if you are all about the tech, make a list on your phone.

How inspiring will it be to look back in 13 weeks and see all the things you have achieved?

Tip 4 – Find some inspiration

Inspiration is such a personal thing. When things get challenging and you feel like you want to quit on yourself, what do you know will motivate you to get back on track?

I use a variety of things to motivate me. I have favourite quotes, favourite books and favourite music tracks that will always get me back in the zone.

Years ago, I want to see the American coach Tony Robbins when he was delivering a conference in London. One of things he got us to do was think about a situation that would put us in a state of anxiety. He then played motivating music and got us to feel more confident and to hold the belief that when we heard that music that we were invincible and could do anything! The situation I thought about was getting married and walking down the aisle with all the focus being on me. The piece of music he played was Vangelis, Chariots of Fire. When I got married in 2013, it was the music that my dad walked me down the aisle to. That experience had stayed with me for 10 years and that piece of music will always make me feel my best.

Why not find a song that really gets you inspired, motivated and energised. Whenever you feel like giving up, turn the volume up loud, press play and feel the music move you back into the zone of feeling fearless.

Tip 5 – Find an accountability buddy (or buddies)

The final tip I would offer you is to find someone that you can share the journey with. It can be very lonely when you are trying to achieve big things to do it all on your own. Find someone that you know you can count on to be the voice of reason when you feel like giving in. Share with them what your intention is and why it is so important to you. Give them permission to be the honest friend that will hold you accountable for your dreams and trust them to be there for you when you need it.

If you are not already a member of the No Ordinary Woman closed Facebook Group, why not join us? There are amazing women in there who are just like you and would be delighted to support you through this final quarter of 2018 and beyond. You can join us HERE

I know I said that was the last tip but I have a bonus for you…

Bonus tip Celebrate what you have achieved so far. Give yourself some time to reflect on where you were when you started this year and where you are now. If you have not made the progress you had hoped, then reflect on why that is and what has got in your way but don’t be hard on yourself.

All of us will have achieved things we have not given ourselves credit for. This is the time to give yourself some recognition for the amazing and courageous person you are. You have got up every day and contributed. We all have wins under our belts in 2018. Take the time to sit and make a list of 10 things you have done this year that you are proud of. When things get tough in the next 3 months, review this list and remind yourself that you are a winner. You are way more successful than the majority of people who are living day to day without a higher vision or purpose for their life.

My message for you is this…

Now is not the time to give up on your goals for this year. Now is the time to dig deep, focus your energies and finish the year STRONG.

The right time to go for your goals is always NOW.

Until next week

Be extraordinary

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