68 Are you ready to change lanes?

68 Are you ready to change lanes?

Hey everyone

It has been a very busy few weeks over here in NOW HQ as I am busy creating two new programmes that will be launching in January AND I have been making the final preparations for She Is Unstoppable volume 1. My heart is so grateful that I am able to share the story of my journey from infertility to entrepreneur with the world. Even if it helps one woman get her life back on track, it will have been worthwhile.

I was watching a video clip that Idris Elba posted on social media last week. He was encouraging people to ‘not stay in their lane’. Essentially he was sharing with people that they should follow their passion rather than staying stuck doing something that might not be setting their souls alight. Whoop Whoop Idris, I am all for that!!

It made me reflect on my life and consider all the times that I have made the decision to go ‘out of my lane’.

In my chapter of She Is Unstoppable, I describe the most recent occasion when I have made the choice to do something different and follow my passion. In fact, it has become my mission in life to help other women get unstuck, to rise up and life a life that is aligned to their true purpose rather than just existing in a life that does not fill them with joy. This mission flows through me and shapes everything I now do.

However, I think I started dipping out of my lane and an early age. I can remember joining a bank for my first ever job. I had not grown up with a strong desire for any vocation, all I knew at the age of seventeen was that I wanted to be out in the world working. So, I joined the bank and was placed in to a local branch. I can remember attending my induction programme and seeing this person stood at the front presenting and thinking “that is what I want to do”. So, on my first day in the branch when I was asked what I wanted to do longer term I can remember clearly telling them that branch banking was not for me and I wanted to be a trainer! Looking back now they must have thought I had ideas above my station!

However, I never let the dream go and I kept writing on my appraisal forms that I wanted to be a trainer and eventually I attended the assessment programme that would enable me to do just that. I was so excited when I passed the course and before long I was moved from the branch and was working at Head Office as a regional trainer.

Another time I have changed lanes is when I decided that I wanted to become a coach. I had been a trainer for a number of years and coaching was just becoming popular in the UK. So, I decided that I was going to get myself qualified as a coach and I attended a programme. This programme changed my life. Not only did I qualify in a skill that is now at the basis of the business I have established, I actually met my best friend on the programme too! If I had not changed lanes, we would not have met.

I won’t share anymore about my recent change of lanes, you will need to read our book to hear all about that one! However, what I do know is that I am now driven by a purpose because of the times I have taken risks, made the decision to not play small and changed my lane. I want this for everyone. It breaks my heart to see people settling and staying stuck when I can see so much potential in them to achieve more. It’s all about having the courage and self-belief to make that switch in to another lane and that’s where I try to help.

If I had not chosen to change lanes again last year and establish No Ordinary Woman, I would not be sitting here today writing this blog and knowing that our book has just gone live on Kindle and I am a published co-author. This blows my mind. This is what is so magical about changing lanes. You never know where the new lane is going to lead. Twelve months ago, I had no idea that I would be publishing a book. Sometimes you don’t even know what your dreams are until you take a leap of faith and the pathway unfolds in front of you.

So, the BOOK!!

Myself and 12 other women have put our hearts and souls on the pages of this book. We have shared our personal stories of how we have overcome different challenges and risen despite them. We are sharing these stories for two reasons:

1 – If we can help other women to feel like they are not alone, that we have shared similar struggles and that there is life beyond the struggle, it will be entirely worth it.

2 – We are donating the proceeds of the book to two charities that support women in different ways. Our charities are:

Womankind Worldwide


She Is Unstoppable is available now on Kindle via the Amazon store for just £1.99! You can download your copy using these links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The paperback version will be launching on the 10th December

Each and everyone of you have been so supportive of my journey and I would adore it if you could get behind this book too!

Purchase, leave some words of encouragement, a review and if you feel like being extra kind sharing it with the world would make our hearts sing.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to me. From my heart to yours…..







Ps As I post this blog I have just found out that our book has officially hit the Amazon BESTSELLER list!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

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