60 – It’s Essentially NOW time to uplevel your health

60 – It’s Essentially NOW time to uplevel your health

Hey everyone!

Where has summer gone? As I am sat here writing this blog, I have the heating on!! It feels like Autumn is well on the way with the nights slowly getting shorter and in Cumbria we are definitely seeing more rainy days than sunny ones. It has been a beautiful summer though AND I love the change of season to Autumn so it’s all good.

The thing I have noticed most this week though, is how many people are suddenly going down with colds as the weather and temperature starts to change. It is time to start focusing more on health and vitality as we move in to the cooler months.

You will know by now that my purpose is to help women live an extraordinary life. In the work that I do with my clients, I focus on three key areas that support living in an extraordinary way:
Health and wellbeing
Spiritual practice

Over the past year my blog has predominantly focused on tools to support a healthy mindset because I consider this is one of the key stepping stones to personal success. Over the next few weeks I will also be focusing on the areas of wellbeing and connecting to a spiritual practice so that you can build a much stronger foundation as you make the changes you want in your life.

As always, I mirror my own personal experience and learning in what I bring in to the coaching with my clients. For example, when I first started on my own transformational journey a couple of years ago, I focused mainly on getting my mindset to where it needed to be. I did a lot of reflection and built my personal awareness of what I truly wanted and how I wanted to be.

It took a year before I realised that I really needed to focus on my health and wellbeing as well to really accelerate the levels of personal success and satisfaction I was experiencing. Working on mindset and developing a positive attitude that is not laden with limiting beliefs is powerful but it is no value if you are stressed out and not nourishing yourself in a way that brings vitality to your life.

Most recently, I have re-connected with my spiritual beliefs too and feel like the balance is now as it needs to be. When I talk about spiritual beliefs and practice I don’t mean in a traditional, religious sense. I mean it in the sense of feeling connected to something greater than myself and allowing myself to listen to the intuitive nudges that come from being connected to your inner wisdom. As a coach, I always believe that we all have our own solutions, we don’t always listen.

This week I want to share with you the tools that I use daily to raise the level of my own health and wellbeing. These have become rituals and habits to me now as much as cleaning my teeth and I have seen dramatic shifts in my energy and my ability to manage situations that arise without feeling overwhelmed.


When I wake up, the first thing I do is use a dry skin brush to remove all the dead skin cells I have before I get in the shower. Dry skin brushing has really improved the look and feel of my skin and it is a great way to get your circulation going in the morning and helps reduce cellulite! The technique is simple to follow. You start at your feet and you start brushing your body in upward strokes towards your heart. It gives your skin a tingly feeling and is a great way to start your day.

I then use a combination of essential oils as part of my morning routine:

I have one drop of DoTerra Lemon essential oil in a glass of water. This helps to boost my metabolism and to start an internal cleansing process to support my digestive system. DoTerra is therapeutic grade quality oil and is safe to take internally. I would not recommend ingesting any other essential oil brands, I use a brand I know, like and trust.

I use Frankincense (the oil of truth) and Wild Orange (the oil of abundance) as I complete my morning journaling and meditation practice. I place a drop of each in my palms, rub together and then place over my nose and take 3 deeps breaths. This helps me to feel open to my own inner wisdom as I journal and to be in a mindset of gratitude as I start my day.

The final oil I use is Balance. It is a beautiful blend of essential oils that help you to feel connected and emotionally grounded before you move in to the experience of your day. I place a drop on the soles of my feet and rub in. As I do this I picture myself being set up for the day ahead and in control of my emotions.

Once I have had breakfast, I take a series of supplements that I know will support my internal system. I never used to be a fan of taking over the counter supplements as I never felt I really experienced any benefits. I now use the DoTerra Life Long Vitality range that give support in 3 ways:
• Food nutrient complex adds essential vitamins and minerals that are often lacking from modern diets
• Essential oil omega complex – which give essential omega 3 that supports healthy brain function
• Cellular vitality complex which supports healthy cell function
These supplements have been a game changer for me. I have more energy, my hair has grown so much faster and I generally just feel more alert.


I often have an afternoon slump around 2pm where I feel like my concentration is not as good as it could be. To help with this I use a couple of essential oils to support me:

Peppermint – this oil is incredible for lifting your mood and to give you an energy boost. I literally just place one drop in the palm of my hands and then inhale. It is so potent that you can literally feel your spirits lift and I become much more alert and focused.

I also use citrus oils in the water that I drink during the day to continue the process of detoxification and cleansing. I am not a massive fan of drinking water so this has really helped me to increase my intake of water because it tastes so good! My favourite oils for this are grapefruit, tangerine and wild orange. They are particularly great in sparkling water!


When I finish work, the first thing I do is choose calming oils to put in the diffuser so that I get the aromatics in the air in my home and create the perfect mood for relaxing after a long day. Diffusing is a perfect way to ensure the whole family benefit from the essential oils. My favourite oils for the diffuser in the evening are Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Bergamot.

About 30 minutes before I go to bed, I put the diffuser on in our bedroom to create a beautiful, relaxing environment to promote a great night’s sleep. There a couple of oils that are personal favourites:

DoTerra Serenity – This is a beautiful blend that helps your mind to relax and unwind and just gives such a beautiful feeling of peace and calm
DoTerra Air – this is a blend of oils that support the respiratory system. I love having this diffusing at night to ensure that we can breathe easily and get undisturbed sleep

These have been extremely easy habits to incorporate in to my life and they have given me health and wellbeing benefits that are immeasurable. The biggest gift is that I have the security of knowing that I am using all natural solutions that contain no fillers or toxins and that I have the empowerment to manage my own health and wellbeing. That is such a beautiful gift.

If you would love to know more about how you can use essential oils to dramatically improve your health and wellbeing, I would love to support you with a 1-1 consultation. You can book a session HERE.

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I love to share and educate people on the power of using essential oils so hop over to Facebook and join my new Health and Wellbeing community ESSENTIALLY NOW.

I am so grateful for the health and wellbeing upgrades I have achieved using these rituals over the past 12 months and look forward to supporting you in up levelling your health.

Until next time

Be Extraordinary

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