59 Are you setting yourself up for success?

59 Are you setting yourself up for success?

Hey everyone, how is August treating you?

I think Cumbria has forgotten that it is still Summer and the wind and rain have returned. Looking out of the window today it would be easy to believe that Autumn has arrived early. On a positive note, the garden looks beautifully lush and green again and our cats are spending more time indoors with us!

This week I wanted to give you a bit of a glimpse in to some of the habits I have adopted in my life that have really elevated the levels of happiness, serenity and success I now experience daily. Establishing habits and rituals has really been a game changer for me and the beauty is that you can pick and choose the habits that suit you best.

Ok, so let’s delve it to what I do on a daily basis and why!


Every morning as soon as I get up, I grab my journal and start to write. I tend to focus on three key areas in my morning journal…

How am I feeling?

The first thing I do is literally start writing about how I am feeling. I don’t censor anything, I literally just let my pen hit the paper and off I go. If I am feeling frustrated by something from the previous day, I just get it out on paper. Other days I wake up feeling great and I focus on that, I don’t second guess anything, I just literally let everything that is in my heart or my head flow out on the page.

What am I grateful for?

Having released everything I am feeling on to paper, it gives me the space to then focus on all the things that I am grateful for. I just start listing one thing after another. Even if I am not feeling super positive, having released the emotions on the first page, I turn my focus to my blessings and there are always many!

People often express that they can’t always find something to be grateful for especially if they are having a really difficult time. My fundamental belief is that you get more of what you focus on. If you are constantly focusing on lack or all the things that are going wrong, then that is all that you will see. We all have something to be grateful for even if it is as simple as the air in your lungs or the roof over your head. That is more than some people have.

What am I being guided to do?

The third thing I write about are the ideas that have popped in to my bed or things I am feeling guided to do. I am such a big believer in following your intuition because it honestly knows what is best. Whenever I follow my intuition, things always work out well for me. I have had periods in my life where I have felt that I have lost my connection to this inner voice and this daily practice helps me to stay connected. It is amazing how many times I have written something down and thought where has that come from? I have had to learn not to second guess it!

Meditation and Essential oils

My second success habit is Meditation. Each morning I spend 10-15 minutes doing a guided meditation. It is a personal thing but I find guided meditations much more powerful for me than sitting in stillness but it is down to personal choice. Giving myself the gift of stillness first thing in the morning just sets me up for the day ahead. There are lots of beautiful guided meditations that you can download for free however my personal favourites are from Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein.

I have a little alter that I have set up in NOW HQ that I refer to as my meditation station and I adore it. I have a selection of essential oils, crystals, ornaments and motivational cards displayed to move me in to the right space for meditating.

I love Amethyst (mainly because it is purple and I love all things purple!). It is believed to relieve stress, clear negative energy and enhance intuition so for me it is the perfect crystal.

The oils I use during my mediation are Frankincense, Balance and Wild Orange. Frankincense is the oil of truth. I have it diffusing as I complete my journaling and meditation. I also place one drop between my palms as I meditate. I also place a drop of Wild Orange in the palms as this is the oil of abundance and it supports me in being grateful for all that I have. Finally, I rub a couple or drops of Balance oil on to the soles of my feet to keep me grounded as I move through my day. The oils have been an incredible addition to my meditation.

My motivational cards are pulled from various decks that I have. The cards on my alter are cards that were pulled at the beginning of the year and will remain with me throughout 2018 as additional guidance and support.

Personal Development

My final success habit is personal growth and development. I am addicted to podcasts! We all have busy lives and it takes me about 25 minutes in the morning to do my journal and my meditation. This means I generally must get ready and get working straight after that!

I have always adored learning new things and it is definitely one of the reasons I have followed the career path that I did in my corporate career. It is why I am so passionate about writing blogs like this and sharing information with other women.

To ensure I get a daily fix of learning, I have built in time to listen to podcasts. During the week, I spend at least 30 minutes in my car every single day. During that time, I always listen to a podcast. It is incredible how many good bits of advice and tips you can pick up in 30 minutes per day! And the beauty of them is that you can multi-task! If you are out walking or you are commuting, it is so easy to grab your headphones and plug in to something motivational that is going to grow you or feed your soul.

Some of my favourite podcasts are:

Hol:Fit – Ange Peters A focus on living a healthy and holistic lifestyle

The Unstoppable Show – Jennifer Hardie

Super Soul Conversations – Oprah Winfrey

These three success habits have created a huge shift in my life and take no more than 30-40 minutes a day. People say to me that that they don’t have the time to do these things but we know that is isn’t true, don’t we?

If your immediate reaction was “Wow, Joanna! I am busy enough without trying to cram another 40 minute in to my day”, ask yourself this…

  • How much time do you spend flicking through social media?
  • How much time do you spend watching cats play with things on YouTube?
  • How much time do you spend watching tv?

Now ask yourself how these activities benefit your health, your wellbeing, your success?

These 3 simple habits have given me the gift of

  • Serenity and calm
  • Balanced emotions
  • Deep personal insight
  • A deeper connection with what I truly want
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased motivation
  • Growth beyond measure

This week, why not look at where you are spending your time and consider if one of the activities above might be a more empowering way to spend some of that time.

What success habit feels like it might be a good one for you? You don’t have to incorporate all of them straight away. Why not pick one and incorporate that? You can always build on others from there. If you try to do a complete overhaul, you won’t stick at it because it will be too overwhelming and time consuming. Start small with something that feels right for you.

The next habit I intend to build in is yoga.

I would love to hear all about the success habits you already use or the habit you would love to incorporate so just comment below.

Until next week

Be extraordinary




p.s. I also pick a card daily and this is the card I picked today and the 3 oils I use every morning. Did you know that I host essential oils masterclasses online? If you would love me to guide you about which oils will support you in the best way to support your goals you can book a 1-1 class with me HERE 


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