56 – Time to work it baby!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are having a summer that is full of fun and you are creating lots of special memories with the people that you love.

Rob and I went out on our first fell walk of the year earlier this week and it was so lovely to be back in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery. We love walking and in fact this time two years ago, Rob and I were walking the Coast to Coast. This was an adventure that literally transformed my life and is quite simply the experience that gave me the inspiration to re-connect with my true purpose and No Ordinary Woman was born!

As you know, over the past couple of weeks I have revisited some of the key concepts from my 12-step programme for finding your purpose and living an extraordinary life. This week we are at the final stage which is all about ‘working it’. This stage focuses on setting up habits and rituals to support you as you move forward in the direction of the life you desire.

In this post, I am going to concentrate on two areas in particular – creating the right environment to allow your desired life to unfold and celebrating successes along the way!

So, let’s get stuck in…

When I work with the people I coach and mentor on finding their purpose and creating an image of their desired life, one of the areas I really focus in on is creating the right environment to let your dream life take shape.

I want you to really focus on 3 key things:


  • are you contradicting what you want in some way by your physical space?
  • are you creating an environment that allows your dream life to manifest?
  • are you keeping hold of things that they you longer need – this can include physical objects or holding on to relationships that no longer serve you

I am quite a sentimental soul which means I tend to keep things that have certain significance but there comes a time when even I look at old theatre brochures and tickets and ask, “do I really need this?”. The memories that the theatre trip created live on in me so I really don’t need a ticket stub to remind me.

There are certain times when I get really drawn to having a good de-clutter and I have now learned that this means it is time to release the old to bring in the new. It is amazing the amount of times, I have had a good de-clutter only to find that new opportunities have come my way. I know this might sound odd, but it works. I sometimes think that having clutter in our home makes our minds feel cluttered too. When I feel that my home is in order and the rubbish has gone that my mind also feels clearer and more calm and new ideas start to flow.


Let’s look at the second aspect which is your emotional environment

  • Are you holding emotions inside that you know you need to release?
  • Are you experiencing positive emotions most of the time or are you bogged down with fear, uncertainty or anxiety?
  • When you think of your dream life, what are the emotions that you experience? Do you feel uplifted?

I consider myself to be very fortunate that I am a ‘glass is half full’ woman. I generally see opportunities rather than drawbacks, I am more happy than sad and I laugh more that I cry. I wish this for everyone.

Emotions can hold us back from achieving the things we most want in life. Part of the journey in discovering your purpose and passion is to look inside and understand what is holding you back on an emotional level. For example, are there relationships in your life that need to be improved for you to move forward. Do you need to forgive yourself for something and let it go to be able to live in joy now? Emotional clutter can be just as constricting as our physical environment, perhaps even more so.

I use essential oils daily now to support my emotional wellbeing and they have created such a significant shift in my life. As I was going through my own personal journey I was fortunate enough to come across a beautiful combination of oils to support emotional balance:

CHEER – to uplift your mood as you move in the direction of your dream life

CONSOLE – to support when you are letting go of the past

PASSION – to reconnect you with your true purpose and passion

MOTIVATE– to give you the courage to move forward

PEACE – to bring you calm and tranquillity

FORGIVE – to allow you to forgive yourself and others and to bring emotional healing

These oils are so supportive that I will be including them as part of my Signature Coaching programme which launches later this year.

You can find out more about them and their benefits by clicking HERE


The final area to look at is your spiritual connection. When I talk about spiritual connection I don’t come from the perspective of a particular religion but of course if you have a faith then this will align beautifully here.

  • Do you feel connected to something bigger than yourself?
  • Do you create time to connect to your inner voice?
  • How much time do you allow yourself just to be still?

The single biggest difference I have found in doing this work is that giving yourself the gift of quiet time will reap rewards in all areas of your life. We get caught up in so much busyness these days that we rarely take time to just sit and ‘be’.

My husband Rob has an extremely busy and stressful career as a Head teacher and works extremely long hours however he has mastered the art of giving himself time to just sit still and be quiet. In fact, he starts his day with this every single day. He does a short meditation and the impact this has had on his physical and emotional wellbeing is incredible. He is calmer, he is healthier and I see less signs of stress in him because of this simple practice of sitting in stillness.

If you struggle with meditation (like I do!) then there are lots of ways to do it. It is takes lots of practise to be able to sit quietly with a mind that is still of all chatter. I tend to use guided mediations that walk you through a process or I simply pick an affirmation that is aligned to how I want to feel that day or you can simply focus on your breathing and just accept that your mind will wander (there are lots of affirmations on my Facebook page). The ‘how’ doesn’t matter, it’s the benefit you receive from just being still and with your own thoughts that does.


So on to our final success habit which is celebrating! This is such an important area and one that gets easily forgotten. I want to share a personal story on this just to show I am human and I sometimes forget to practice what I preach.

I received a truly beautiful gift for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Rob created a beautiful photo book that included the 52 images I had used for the first year of this blog. On the front cover, it simply said “No Ordinary Woman – a year in the making” and underneath it said, “never forget how far you have come”. I was totally blown away and quite emotional. Rob looked at me in that moment and said, “I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for what you have achieved in a year so I wanted to remind you”. I realised that I forgotten to live by one of my own principles!

With that book, I realised that the 192-mile journey (the Coast to Coast) was really only the start of my adventure and I have come so far since then. I have grown in ways I could not have conceived, I have the amazing privilege of supporting other women as they change their lives. I am healthy, I am happy and I am living in alignment with my purpose to support and serve others. Who could ask for more?

When you are so focused on creating a life that you love, it is easy to take your eye of the ball and forget about all the little milestones you achieve along the way. Celebrating life and the incredible person you already are is worthy of your focus too.

Rob and I have decided that we are going to celebrate something every week from now on. We are always going to have a bottle of champagne chilled so that we don’t have an excuse not to celebrate. We will celebrate the big wins and the little things and realise that life is good. After all, you get what you focus on!

I wish you all an amazing weekend. Enjoy your celebrations

Until next time

Be Extraordinary





Ps I will be making an exciting announcement on the No Ordinary Woman Facebook page next week so be sure to like the page so you get notified first!

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