55 – Time to set a new intention?

55 – Time to set a new intention?

Hey everyone, I hope you have had an amazing week! I had a lovely time celebrating my birthday last week and thank you so much for your birthday messages! Today I am celebrating Rob’s birthday so I am going to keep this blog to the point…

This week I am revisiting the second concept in my 3-step transformation model and that is the concept of Owning It. So, what does that mean?

Owning your life is all about taking accountability, not only for the things that need to change but also for the things that are going well. As you will probably know by now, this phase of my programme involves looking at four areas:

Becoming intentional– and not just leaving things to chance

Becoming accountable– looking in the mirror and recognising when you are playing the blame game instead of taking accountability for your actions and your results

Becoming purposeful– Having absolute clarity about what you want and going for it!

Becoming inspired– Seeking out those people who have what you want and becoming inspired by them instead of telling yourself that you can’t have the same. It is also about how YOU inspire others

There is so much in this section, it was almost hard to decide which area to focus on BUT I have decided to go back to the theme of setting your intentions because in a couple of weeks we will be focusing on setting your intention for the final 5 months of this year and making transformation HAPPEN!

I know this is going to be controversial as I am a coach, but I am not always a fan of setting GOALS. I personally find them restrictive because we have it drummed in to us that goals must be very specific, they must be measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound (SMART).

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I want you to be way more ambitious than that!!

I want you to be inspired and so driven towards achieving your dreams that NOT achieving them is just not even a possibility. They must be driven by passion and they must be ambitious and exciting and so extraordinary that it will literally blow your mind WHEN you achieve them. Doesn’t that sound more exciting than SMART?

I am all about setting intentions. An intention is something that you INTEND to do rather than a GOAL which is something you are striving for. With intentions, you don’t always know how you are going to achieve them BUT you do know that you are inspired to find a way.

I have a unique model that will help you to set a powerful intention…it’s called IGNITE.

The intentions that you set should…

I – inspire you. What is the point of striving for something if you are not inspired by it? It should make you feel alive at the very thought of it. It should consume you!

G – grow you – Your intention should move you forward. It should stretch your boundaries and enable you to be more extraordinary than you already are

N – nurture you – This is not about you doing something that you feel you SHOULD do. This is all about finding the things that feed your soul and making them a part of your life every day. Your intentions should bring you closer to your truth.

I – be individual to you. This is not about you living someone else’s dream for you. It is about you being true to YOU. You are not here to make someone else happy and live someone else’s dream life. You are here to be the best version of you and to fulfil your potential and purpose

T – test you. This is not about finding the easy path. You should be looking at your intention and feeling butterflies in your stomach because you know that this is going to blow the minds of everyone around you when you achieve this. It should scare you and excite you in equal measure!

E – be emotional to you. If you have no emotion attached to your intention, you have not nailed it. You should feel connected to your intentions in such a way that you can feel the emotion rise in you every time you think about it. That is what is going to propel you forward in the direction of becoming extraordinary.

So, ask yourself this….

Have you lost sight of the intentions you set at the beginning of this year?

If you have, what action do you need to take to re-connect with that intention?

If you have not set an intention before, what intention are you going to set for the next 5 months?

How do you want to have moved your life forward by the end of 2018?

It is never too late to set a new intention so, honour yourself enough to give this some thought and set yourself an intention that is worthy of you.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this blog so post a comment below!

Until next time

Be extraordinary


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