52 – No Ordinary Woman is 1 today!

Hey everyone,

I am so excited this week because No Ordinary Woman is celebrating its first birthday! One year ago, I launched this website and wrote my very first blog! I can’t believe that was twelve months ago, the time has passed very quickly!!

Celebrating this milestone has made me quite reflective and I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learned since embarking on this journey.

Community is everything

One of the things I have loved most is building a community of like-minded women who are supportive of each other. I recently attended a conference that talked about the dramatic increase in people admitting they are lonely. Our sense of community is dwindling. Our older generation often admit to not speaking to another person in days!

Over the past year, I have created a closed group that has enabled women to come together to share their successes (and there have been many!) and to admit when they are struggling. The thing that has lit my heart up most is the willingness of other women to offer support, advice and encouragement. There is no bitchiness, no competition, just a willingness to be part of a motivating group who want the best for each other.

Action point – have you joined the closed Facebook Group yet? If not, we would love to welcome you to our community! You can join HERE

Celebrate successes

This is something we don’t do nearly enough of (myself included). Too often we allow our achievements to go unnoticed as we start to focus on the next milestone. When I think back to where I was 12 months ago, I had never written anything that had been published, I had never gone live on Facebook, I didn’t know much about creating an online business. Now, I write a monthly column for a local magazine, I go live regularly, I have 52 blogs under my belt and I am about to launch my first online product. Have I stopped to recognise this? No, not really. Tonight, I will lift a glass to my achievements and yours!

Action point –  Think back over the past 12 months and make a list of all the things you have achieved. Don’t hold back, even the smallest of wins can make a big difference over time. What are you going to do to recognise all these achievements? Set a date and time when you are going to honour the awesome woman you are

Learn from any mistakes

I used to feel absolutely rubbish when I made a mistake or I felt that I had let myself or other people down in some way. I used to think that I had to be perfect all the time. The simple truth is that we can’t possibly navigate through life without making mistakes, we are human. What has helped me most is recognising that I am not always going to get everything right first time and that every experience can be a lesson. Admittedly some lessons are harder than others. If you view every mistake as a setback, it impacts on your confidence and your willingness to have another go. If you view a mistake as a lesson, it is an opportunity to learn a way of not doing something and to give something else a try. By doing this you build personal resilience.

Action point – Think about a recent situation where you made a mistake. Did you beat yourself up about it and lose confidence or did you learn from it and move forward? How might you approach things differently?

Show vulnerability

When did you last ask for help? In my experience, women rarely ask for help. I think we believe that we must be able to do it all, not complain about it and be superhuman. This comes up a lot as a theme with the women that I coach. Often, I hear that they don’t have time to look after themselves because they are too busy working hard, keeping on top of the housework, looking after dependents (children or aging parents) and the list goes on.

When we start to explore options, there are often activities that could be shared either with a partner or by hiring some help. Women will often see those as logical options however what holds them back from pursuing these options is a fear of admitting vulnerability and feeling like they can’t cope. Showing vulnerability is not a weakness, it is a strength. Asking for help enables you to get the support you need to look after yourself better.

I have had to be vulnerable and ask for help so many times over the past 12 months. I have had help in setting up my website, I have employed my own coach and I have invested in my own development. I have had to lean on my husband more and there have been times where the house has not been as clean as I would like. I’m still here and I’m a better person for it.

Action point – Think about areas where you could do with some help. What is holding you back from asking for help? What is one thing you could get help with right now? What is the action you are going to take to move this forward?

Focus on your strengths

I bet if I asked you to list 5 things that you aren’t good at, you would be able to list them immediately without hesitation. What if I were to ask you to list your 5 key strengths? I generally find that women focus more on their failings than they do their gifts. This is reinforced in every interview you have ever had when you get asked the inevitable question, “Tell me one of your weaknesses”.

We all have things we could be better at. I am never going to be a maths genius and nor do I want to be (luckily, I married a maths genius!). I could focus my energy on becoming better in this area but it doesn’t excite me! Now, when it comes to understanding people and how to motivate them to unlock their potential, I am your girl. It has been a passion of mine since I first started my career and will always remain an interest and a strength. I’m not afraid to say it, I am good at understanding people! It is why I established NOW in the first place.

Action point – What are your unique gifts, strengths, passions? How much time to do you focus on building muscle around these vs focusing on getting micro improvements on the areas you are not so good at? How can you use your strengths even more?

Be the mistress of your destiny

I have saved the best to last. This has been the single most rewarding thing I have discovered over the past 12 months. When I launched this a year ago, I had an idea that I wanted to help women to find their passion, find their voice and find the confidence to live a life that was worthy of their dreams and desires. I had gone through a massive transition in my own life and wanted to help other women who wanted to change their lives for the better too. I didn’t have all the answers about how I was going to do it.

I established NOW whilst I was continuing to work full time in my career as a Leadership Development Consultant working in a corporate organisation. This is a career that has spanned 25 years and has been incredibly rewarding. In the next 10 months, I will be transitioning again as I leave my corporate career behind forever and step in to my new life as the CEO of my own company.

Am I scared? Of course I am. I have loved my corporate career and I am sure when I say goodbye to it I will feel a sense of loss, it has served me well. However, I know that I need to be the mistress of my own destiny and that my purpose now is to help other women to find what lights them up and to be the person walking beside them, encouraging them as they take brave, courageous steps to living their own extraordinary life.

For me, it is an honour to be the coach that supports another woman to be more, do more and have more. That is my destiny.

Action point – In what ways are you the mistress of your own destiny? In what ways are you playing things safe? What small step could you take today to move you closer to living an extraordinary life?

So, there you have it. My insights from my first year of No Ordinary Woman.

Thank you for reading the blog and thank you for being part of NOW this year. I am SO excited to be able to give you an early glimpse of the exciting products that will be launching in year 2!

Launching in June

Elevate Your Life – a 12 week online course that takes you step by step through the tools and techniques I have used personally to elevate my own life and get more from every single day.

NOW coaching intensive – a 1 month coaching programme to help you get clarity and set goals relating to the unique NOW change model – nurture it, own it, work it.

Coming in the Autumn 

‘The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”

‘That Little Extra’ Signature Programme – This is a 12-week group coaching programme that will help you live a life that is filled with purpose and supports your wellbeing. The programme will include workbooks, guided visualisations, a weekly group coaching call, access to a private Facebook group and an introduction to how essential oils can support your emotional and physical wellbeing as you make changes in your life.

‘That Little Extra’ VIP package – This is the ultimate NOW experience. It includes the same incredible resources as the signature programme however you receive 1-1 coaching on a weekly basis with me instead of the group coaching call.  I also give my VIP clients a complimentary DoTerra essential oils membership package to support you with your emotional and physical wellbeing.

I can’t wait to be able to share more details with you soon!

Until next time,

Be Extraordinary

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