15 – Are you playing small?

I have had such fantastic feedback about last week’s blog so wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who got in touch. My cats are beginning to become an internet sensation so I have no doubt they will make an appearance in a future blog so watch this space! This week I wanted to share one … Read More

14 – Life lessons from being a cat

Hey there, I hope you have had a fantastic week! It has been a big week in our house as we have been waiting nervously for the GCSE results to be announced. I am delighted that so many students have achieved the results they need to allow them to take the next steps towards their future. Congratulations to all of … Read More

13 – I AM…fill in the blank

Hey ladies, I hope you have had an extraordinary week. It has been so wonderful this week seeing so many students receiving great A level results and achieving their dreams of going to university. Congratulations to them all. Last Saturday Rob and I were lucky enough to go and see Derren Brown on his current UK tour. I have always … Read More

12 – When did you last focus on YOU?

Hey everyone As I sit in my home office writing this blog, I would be forgiven for thinking that Winter has arrived early! It is grey, the rain is hammering at the window and the wind is howling but I guess that is the British Summer Time for you! In this week’s blog, I want to revisit one of the three … Read More

11 – Coming Soon to a movie theatre near you…

Hey Extraordinary ladies! I am back from my holiday and as I write this blog post I am looking out over the Irish Sea instead ofthe Mediterranean. It might not be quite so blue but it is beautiful nonetheless. This week’s blog post has been inspired by a recent trip to the cinema. Yesterday Rob and I went to see … Read More

10 – Ain’t technology grand?

As you may already know, Rob and I are currently enjoying our summer break in Cyprus and having a fantastic, relaxing time. Honestly, it has been a lot of fun being able to write this week’s blog post from beside a pool and overlooking the sea! One of the things that has struck me most this holiday, is the amount … Read More

09 – Talk about life changing!

Hey everyone, I hope you have had an amazing week and are looking forward to the weekend! I find it hard to believe that it is a year ago since Rob and I set off to walk the Coast to Coast. For those of you who don’t know, it is a 192 mile walk across England that starts on the … Read More

08 – What makes you light up?

I have had such a lovely week celebrating my birthday. I have been totally spoilt by my friends and family and I really am incredibly grateful for all the lovely birthday messages I have received. In the blog this week I want to talk to you about ‘passion’. I often describe it as the thing that makes you ‘light up’ … Read More

07 – I need to get me a cheerleader!

Hey extraordinary ladies, how has your week been? You might remember that last week I shared with you that Rob and I were going to have our first singing lesson together and that we were learning a duet. Oh my goodness, it was such a fun experience and a really special thing to do together. I must say a huge … Read More

06 – Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

This week I want to share a personal story with you that makes me proud beyond belief. My husband, Rob, is a very dedicated Headteacher of a community school. He has an absolute passion for encouraging and supporting every student at the school to achieve their potential and I love seeing his face light up when one of his students … Read More