25 Are you doing that on purpose?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone! I hope you have had an incredible week creating special memories with the people you love most. It was a beautiful day in Cumbria on Sunday so Rob and I took the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and to take in the gorgeous Autumn colours before they are gone, it … Read More

24 Are you playing the Blame Game?

Hey everyone I hope you have had an amazing week as we’ve celebrated Halloween and welcomed in November! It is beginning to feel like Christmas is just around the corner now and will be with us before we know it. To get ready for the party season, I had set myself a goal to lose 8lb in October so that … Read More

23 What are your intentions?

Hey everyone I hope you have had an amazing week creating lots of new memories. I was so privileged this week to be able to make a dream come true for one of my friends with the help of Kim and Co at Blencogo farm. My good friend Claire has had an obsession with Alpacas for as long as I … Read More

22 – How to get out of your own way

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone I hope you have had an incredible week and that you were not impacted by the weather. I believe there is another storm on the way called ‘Brian’. The storm names always bring a smile to my face even if the weather doesn’t! This week I want to share with you a shift … Read More

21 – What do you really want?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone! I hope you have had an incredible week. As you can see, I had some assistance this week as I was writing this blog post! We have been busy getting my new home office set up in NOW HQ! It is lovely to finally have an inspiring space dedicated to my business. It … Read More

20 – What makes you special?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone, It has been a really difficult week in our house as we have had to say goodbye to our gorgeous girl Phoebe after 18 years together. 18 years ago, I said I wanted to get a black coloured male kitten and then Phoebe choose me to be her human mummy! I am pleased … Read More

18 – I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today I am literally giddy because I have some very exciting news to share with you. We are about to embark on a 12-week journey together inside my new coaching programme that will be launching in the New Year. As readers of my blog, you are going to be given an exclusive peek inside my … Read More

17 – The secret to life…HAVE FUN

As you know I spent last weekend back in London with my friend Amanda celebrating our friendship and attending a motivational event. We had a fantastic time enjoying good food, good company and one or two cocktails! Although I no longer live in London, it will always have a very special place in my heart. I have never lost my … Read More

16 – Friends are like stars…

Hey everyone, have you had an extraordinary week? One thing is for sure, the weather has been extraordinary! I was planning for an Indian Summer but it looks like September has other plans. That said, I don’t let something like the weather impact my mood! Ok, so this week I am super excited as I write this blog as I … Read More