42 – How to get your happy back!

Hey everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic week! Somebody asked me this week “how do you stay so positive?” and I really wasn’t sure how to respond at first. It is something I take for granted. I have always been someone who tends to ‘look on the bright side’ or to find a positive in any challenging situation. … Read More

41 – Thank you Mum!

Hey everyone! This week has been so much fun as we celebrated International Women’s Day. This day always makes me think about the women I admire and the reasons why. Yesterday in my Facebook Group we celebrated being extraordinary women by reflecting on the women who make life look easy no matter how tough things get. For me, I admire: … Read More

40 – What’s your problem?

Hey everyone, happy March! Last week I was sitting here looking out across green fields, enjoying clear blue skies and sunshine and thinking Spring was finally here. Just goes to show how wrong one girl can be! 7 days later and everything is still white with snow and the temperatures have plummeted. Never mind…Spring is still just around the corner. … Read More

39 – Coping strategies when life kicks you in the butt

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing week. The weather has been beautiful today and I am noticing that the Spring flowers are all starting to make an appearance so it must be nearly here. Woo hoo! I have not had the easiest of weeks this week. In fact, it has been one of those weeks where … Read More

38 – What is your Zone of Genius?

Hey everyone, I hope you have had an amazing couple of weeks! You may have noticed that there was not a blog post last Friday and that is because I took some much-deserved time off to PLAY (see blog post 37). Rob had arranged to take me away for the weekend which was lovely. We went back to one of … Read More

37 – Wanna Play?

Hey everyone Wow, January seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye and here we are already in February. This week has been beautiful with the full moon lighting up the sky and I have even noticed that the nights are beginning to get just that little bit lighter to remind us that Spring is just around … Read More

36 What are you a YES for?

Hey everyone, how has your week been? As I sit writing today’s blog, the sun is shining in Cumbria. The sky is a beautiful blue, there are no clouds in the sky and I can hear birds singing. It is a wonderful reminder that Spring is on its way.   This is my last blog post for January and therefore … Read More

35 How did you cope with Blue Monday?

Hey everyone, how has your week been? I have had a really productive week creating some new offerings for my clients which I love doing! I will be making some announcements in the blog over the next couple of weeks so keep a watch out! Ok so apparently, Monday the 16th January was officially labelled as Blue Monday. It is … Read More

34 – What is your WHY?

Hey everyone, I hope you have had an incredible week! I can’t believe how many people have succumbed to Flu, coughs and colds over the past few weeks. For me it is a reminder that wellbeing is something to focus on all the time and not just when you start to feel unwell. This week I have made it more … Read More

33 – Why I love using Essential Oils!

Hey everyone and Happy New Year to you! I can’t explain why but I have an overwhelming feeling that 2018 is going to be an incredible year filled with opportunity, excitement and abundance for us all. I am not going to fight the feeling, I am just going to enjoy it! I have been thinking a lot this week about … Read More