72 Bringing the ‘woo’ to what I do

Hey lovely! March is already here and this week I have walked outside in the gorgeous Spring sunshine and felt the warmth on my face. I have seen blossom suddenly come alive on trees, the birds are singing more AND the evenings are getting lighter. These things make my soul come alive. I can literally feel joy running through my … Read More

71 Why do we think we have to be superhuman?

Hi, how are things? Well, it has been a while since I have written a blog so it is good to be back. In my January blog, I shared my plans with you about how I was shaking things up. I talked about my new newsletter that would be going out and about the two programmes that I would be … Read More

70 New Year – New Ideas…I’m shaking things up

WOO HOO – Welcome to 2019!! It is great to be back after the extended Christmas break and I have so much to share with you!! I have been doing some reflection over the last few weeks (as we often do at this time of year) and I have decided to shake things up a bit with No Ordinary Woman … Read More

69 What’s your word?

Hey there lovely WOW, I could not have wished for a more perfect end to 2018. Last Friday I attended the London launch party for our book She Is Unstoppable alongside the curator Jennifer Hardie and the other eleven inspiring women who shared their personal stories as part of the book. It was such a beautiful evening as we got … Read More

68 Are you ready to change lanes?

Hey everyone It has been a very busy few weeks over here in NOW HQ as I am busy creating two new programmes that will be launching in January AND I have been making the final preparations for She Is Unstoppable volume 1. My heart is so grateful that I am able to share the story of my journey from … Read More

67 – My secret to becoming unstoppable

Happy Friday! Our book launch for She Is Unstoppable is literally weeks away now and the excitement is building!! I have been busy sharing snippets of my personal story on the social media pages today. I can’t wait to be able to share our book with the world! If you would love to be one of the first to receive … Read More

66 – Mastering your emotions

Hi lovely! How has your week been? Are you feeling excited, relaxed, happy, peaceful OR are you feeling tired, emotionally drained, miserable and emotionally wrung out? Over the past 18 months or so I have come to realise that our emotions have a dramatic impact on how we experience life. If you tend to be positive and upbeat then your … Read More

65 – Is your mind feeling cluttered?

Hey, There is so much advice out there about the power of de-cluttering, I don’t know about you but whenever I hear the phrase de-cluttering I get a mental image of lots of clothes, shoes, bags and books being placed in black bags and being lovingly gifted to the local charity store. I feel a sense of relief for my … Read More

64 Tigers vs Sheep

Ok, so you might think this is a very odd title for a blog post! Let me explain… There are two reasons why I have chosen to write about tigers (and sheep) today. Today, I was asked to take over the social media channels for the She Is Unstoppable book. I have never done this before and was honestly quite … Read More

63 Finishing STRONG

Hey lovely Today is an exciting day for me. I am being interviewed to start creating my chapter in the new inspiring book She Is Unstoppable which is launching on the 26thNovember. In case you have not heard the buzz about the book yet, it is a collection of inspiring stories from 12 women (including me!) who have faced adversity … Read More